What to Do When iPhone 6s Stops Charging!

Being an iPhone user, fixation of the iPhone charging problems is a major issue. Though, the good news is that major iPhone charging issues can be resolved and taken care of, quite easily at home itself. These remedies will save you both, time and money.

Many people facing this issue have a major concern in common. They wish to know if they are needed to change their batteries. And the answer to this is an absolute “No”! You really don’t need to change your battery. And sometimes, even connecting it to Mac or PC, original charger or even a car charger, doesn’t help. In fact, it’s all about the right information. Firstly, just try to figure out what the issue is, and then try to gain as much knowledge about your issue as possible, and then finally, you may act on it.

Moreover, most of the time, the problem is iPhone’s Software rather than its Hardware which is preventing your iPhone from charging and thus, changing your battery won’t have any significant effect. Also, if there is a problem in the hardware, then the charging port most likely, might be faulty. Or even if there are no issues with the hardware, then the problem must definitely lie with the charging cable or the adapter. Also, leakage of electricity is a very common reason for this issue when even slightly broken cables are used.

iphone 6s charging point

Tips and tricks to resolve iPhone 6s won’t charge issue

If something is wrong with the iPhone’s software:-

There’s an obvious secret everyone must know: Your iPhone’s software is kind of a charging mastermind. This is because when you plug the iPhone in a power source, it does not get hooked to the battery straight away. The Software itself decides whether to start charging the device or not. Therefore, when your iPhone is not getting charged, it might be because the software crashed in the background while the screen was off. So the best thing you could do to fix the software issue is to try a hard reboot and if it does not work, you may need to backup all your device data and then take your device to the Apple store to get it repaired. The Apple technician may perform DFU restore or other dense restoration techniques that would redeem its functionality.

Now, performing a hard reset isn’t a complex task. It can be achieved by simply following the given steps:

  • Firstly, press and hold both, the power button and the home button, until the Apple logo starts to appear on the screen.
  • This will hard reset your iPhone.

Talking of the DFU restore, it is a kind of restoration process that can fix any and every error on the device, without a doubt. Basically, it will erase everything on the device and restore it to its factory settings. This can be carried out by following the given process:

  • Firstly, plug your iPhone into a given system that contains iTunes and launch it. [Note: the iPhone can remain on or off, it doesn’t affect the process.]
  • Press and hold the Power Button with the Home Button/Volume Down Button together, for nearly 10 seconds.
  • Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home Button/Volume Down Button, until you receive a prompt that reads “an iPhone is detected by iTunes in recovery mode.”
  • After this, release the Home Button/Volume Down Button and you will witness a black screen which will indicate that the device has entered recovery mode. Now, restore the iPhone using iTunes.
  • If you haven’t reached the recovery mode, repeat all the above steps with utmost care.

iPhone 6 stops charging!

The Charging cable or the Power adapter might be damaged:-

All of us might have faced this: There are cases where your cable might have found its way under your chair and broke when you tried to pick it up, or you may have yanked up your lightning wire too hard. In both cases, the wire gets too exposed and even duct tape cannot fix up the exposed USB cable. Now you will need a new Apple-certified cable. There are also chances that the adapter might be damaged or must be needing a repair. If the adapter and cable look fine, try using someone else’s charger. Or maybe try connecting your iPhone to a PC or a car.

When charging port has dirt:-

The dust or lint gets into the charging port preventing it from working properly. To be on the safe side, you may need to backup all your data and then switch off the device to clean the port with a sharp or pin-like object, gently, to make it dust-free. Also, you can blow some air in the port and then you may get that working. Or you can even use a brush to dust off the inside of the charging port, given that the brush must be soft.

iphone 6s wont charge

When the charging accessories are not Apple Certified:-

We would always recommend you not to use any lightning cables that are not certified. However, if you have purchased a cheaper adapter or a cable, just for the sake of saving money, then you may go on doing it as long as it keeps the integrity of your Apple device safe.

When the outlet connection is not firm enough:-

This is the most common factor affecting the charging issues, almost all the time. You might not have plugged in the adapter or the wire properly which might be the reason why it is not connecting to the device. This weak connection between the charging cable and the adapter or the port may cause a lack of electric flow and hence this situation occurs. If this issue still pertains then you will need to try and change the outlet.

I hope I could address all your queries and you can easily be able to figure out and fix your iPhone 6s charging issue. If your iPhone still isn’t charging, after trying out all the above methods then kindly visit an Apple store or an Apple technician near you to check for any kind of internal damage or any other issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit support.apple.com or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.

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