error 54 itunes

Fix Error 54 iTunes For iPhone/iPad

Error 54 iTunes

error 54 itunes: Are you receiving the error 54 itunes frequently? No need to worry about it. As such we came up with the best solutions provided in the current tutorial. Therefore the error can be fixed in a more simple way. And what exactly the itunes sync error 54 mean? The itunes unknown error 54 is actually the permission error encounters either it might be on the device or the system. This occurs while you sync the iPhone through iTunes. No matter as it is an iPod/iPhone/ iPad, error itunes get raise once after updating to new operating system. Moreover appears if you do not authorize the PC/ adding the permission/ modify the data.

What are the reasons behind the iphone cannot be synced error 54 and how can you fix it? We are here to guide you in the simple and easy way. This error 54 itunes might cause due to the outdated version of iTunes, incomplete download process, program files related to iTunes might get deleted or damaged and much more. All these can be solved in a very less time and do follow the below methods carefully. Let us focus on the best solutions provided here and get rid out of the error in a simple way.

error 54 itunes

How to Fix itunes unknown error 54

iphone sync error 54 is the common issue raising all over the market. In recent times, people start reporting about iphone sync error 54 and unable to solve it. It occurs while the user updating to new operating system. But nowhere the error is related to administration issues. The system does not allow the unauthorized users to sync the data. And moreover, the user has no permission in order to modify the data. At last the data which you prefer to sync might be the iTunes folder or any. Follow the below instructions and fix the itunes error 54 very well.

Fix the iPhone Cannot Be Synced (-54)

Here we go the different ways that help you to get rid out of the issue very well. Follow the below methods and move forward successfully.

  • Restart the System and iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Update the iTunes and iOS
  • How to Fix iTunes Sync Error 54 in Windows
  • Repair iTunes Error 54 For Free
  • Best Way to Restore iTunes error 54

Restart the System and iPhone/iPad/iPod

In general, if you tap on OK, the process will continue without causing any error. If you failed so and face the situation itunes error code, what to do? Ok. One can do restart on both PC as well for iOS as the first step in order to clear the error successfully.


Update the iTunes and iOS

Once after completion of the first method, do you still face the same situation? One can make sure as they were using the latest iTunes version and software updates to the device. If not update it immediately without any fail so that can avoid ipod cannot be synced type of errors easily.


How to Fix iTunes Sync Error 54 in Windows

And here if the above does not work out, follow the below steps provided in clear and more understandable format.

  • The very first open windows explorer-> and then open the music folder.
  • Do right click on the iTunes and choose properties.
  • Thereafter, the user must and should uncheck the Read-Only access available at the below attributes. Click OK to confirm the whole changes.


  • So that one can see the pop-up and need to choose to Apply changes to the current folder/subfolder/files.
  • Tap on OK to continue further.


  • If you still face the same, do continue and make sure that the user has the whole control of iTunes folder.
  • Finally, Right click on it-> Select properties-> Security and click edit-> full control-> And then click on apply.

Repair iTunes Error 54 For Free

Are you facing the iTunes unable to read the content issue? Or did the session get failed in the middle? Does iTunes unable to recognize the iPhone? We are here to solve the entire issues causing for iPhone/iPod/iPad with the single click.

  • Firstly, one has to download the TunesCare and connect the iOS device to the PC through the USB cable.


  • If it is unable to detect the device, then click on fix all iTunes issues.


So that one can solve the iphone cannot be synced (-54) in a simple and easy way. The user simply has to follow the steps carefully and solve very well.


As a result, One can easily get rid of the issue iphone syncing error by following the above methods. Do follow and if you get any doubts comment on the below section If you like the article, can share on the social networking sites. For more doubts visit PhoneGnome at anytime as per the user choice.

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