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Black Screen On iPhone 6 Issue : Fix Right Now

How to Fix Black Screen On iPhone 6

Are you fed up facing black screen on iphone 6 issue? Do you like to have the best solution for it? Well, let us focus here solving the issue using different methods. Having an iPhone will make the person feel proud and happiest in all over the world. Moreover, enjoys the features it provides in the market. But well, if you get the black screen all of sudden and you in turn unable to attend a single call. In that scenario, all the below methods will help you to the greater extent.

There might be several reasons behind why the iPhone screen suddenly goes black. But one possible reason is due to the hardware damage. And at times, the issue might be due to the software problem. And this can be caused by firmware modifications which are quite planned. Well now let us focus on such solutions provided for black screen on iphone 6 in clear and understandable format.

black screen on iphone 6

How To Fix Black Screen On iPhone 6 Issue

So before going into the methods and respective solutions for black screen on iphone 6, what is the reason caused by it? All this will depend on the iPhone LCD cable provided by the logic board or while the LCD get broken. If the LCD cable has become disconnected, the bar at the Apple Store might be repaired for free of charge. This would be done even if the iPhone is out of warranty. So that the apple representatives will open the iPhone and reconnect the cable to the respective logic board.

For instance, if it is broken, that would be the different cause. Moreover very much expensive to repair the iPhone display. This is especially when you use Apple. And if the user looks for high quality, less expensive, unique outlook and best in touch, they can go for plus. Fix the issue iphone 6 black screen but on spot and provide warranty for a long-lasting time. Let us focus on certain solutions that help to get rid of the issue in a very short time.

Well, why not we move forward, learn, and apply the method to solve the issue my iphone 6 screen went black in less time, here we go.

My iPhone 6 Screen is Black, Perform Hard Reset

Once the user-initiated claiming about iphone 6 black screen of death, and never tried to turn on, the solution behind this doing a hard reset. Follow the below instructions provided in step by step. So let us go here.


  • The first step is to locate the home button on iPhone and sleep/wake button. This is when if you are new to the iPhone.
  • Keep holding home, sleep/wake buttons altogether and continue holding till you get the apple logo appeared on the screen.
  • Once you release the buttons, your iPhone automatically gets a restart with no other doubt. Restore the iPhone with iTunes if this particular method failed.

Make a point as this is the simple process to complete and solve the black screen on iphone 6 issue. But at times it may not help you. So have a look at below other methods to solve iphone 6 screen is black in a perfect way.

Restore iPhone to Factory settings

Many of the apple users have a query of how to restart iphone 6 when screen is black? Here is the solution for it. You can try this to solve the iphone 6 black screen of death issue. As such will help you and solve in a very less time when you use iTunes. In order to follow the instructions, have a look below.


  • The first step, do download and then open the latest version of iTunes on the respective system.
  • Connect the iPhone to the respective system with the help of USB cable.
  • So that iTunes will detect the status in a perfect way.
  • Now go the summary tab and then click on Restore iPhone.
  • Now in the next step, click on restore to confirm the action instantly.
  • After doing so, iTunes will start erasing the iPhone completely. And install the new and latest version of the iOS software.
  • After the successful attempts, the iPhone gets restart and you need to proceed and set it as a new device.

Make a note of keeping a backup before, because using this method, you may lose the data. Well if you have the backup, then no need to get worried about the information stored in iPhone.

Fix black screen on iphone 6 through iMyFone D-Back

Alternatively, this is one more method used to solve the issue and protect all the data instead of causing great loss. Moreover, the software is integrated with the iOS system features that exactly fix the iPhone, iPod touch and also the ipad with a white screen/black screen and being stuck on the Apple logo or else might be the recovery mode. This comes with an easy and simple interface that especially helps to repair the device in several minutes. So let us go solve with the help of iMyFone D-Back. As it is a great way to fix this problem in a short time. Follow the steps carefully and solve iPhone black screen of death fix in a simple way.


  • The first step, open and launch the program in a simple way.
  • Choose the option “Fix iOS System” provided there.
  • Download the firmware without and any second thought.
  • And then finally, fix the iPhone iphone 6 screen black issue to a greater extent.

All these methods help you to solve the iphone 6 black screen of death fix problems in several minutes. You can share your opinion or methodology to solve iphone 6 screen went black issue in a more gently.

Dead Battery

Is your screen black on iphone 6 then you can also think that there might be a chance that your battery has been drained? In this case you can connect your black screen iPhone to a wall and press the home button or power button. If your device is battery drained then you can see that your device switch ons and an apple logo appears there. But before checking that you need to wait for some time to check whether your battery is at least charged for 10%. With this you can do iphone black screen fix if there is an issue with battery.

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As a result, I hope you are cleared about the concept black screen on iphone 6 provided here in step by step. For instance, if you have any doubts regarding iphone 6 black screen, can comment on the below section undoubtedly. Moreover, share the article if you like it. Either with friends/ belongings or also on social networking sites. Thank you for visiting. Stay connected to PhoneGnome for more doubts and interesting stuff.

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