iphone 6 won't turn on

iPhone 6 won’t turn on issue: How to Fix in Simple Methods

My iphone 6 won’t turn on Went Black

iphone 6 won’t turn on: How to turn on iphone 6? Unable to come out from this issue? Looking for the perfect solutions to be applied? Well, then let us focus on the below methods provided in step by step. Most of all usually are very much passionate about maintaining iPhone. By when comes to issues, they frustrate and struggle a lot instead of thinking to fix it.

No problem, you can redirect here for simple and perfect solutions that ultimately help to get rid of the issue very well. So take a chance, perform several attempts and then see whether the issues have been permanently solved or no. If not then immediately approach the nearby Apple support team representative.

iphone 6 won't turn on

Fix iphone 6 won’t turn on Issue

Let us focus on certain solutions that guide and help you to fix all iphone 6 won’t turn on bugs in a very short notice period.

  • Charge the Phone with no doubt.
  • Perform Hard Reset.
  • Restore iPhone to Factory settings.
  • Keep iPhone in DFU mode.
  • Reset Proximity Sensor.

So finally, apply this method in multiple attempts to solve the iphone 6 won’t turn on issue in a very short notice period.

Charge the iPhone

Worried about the issue? No problem. Before going to dept, cross-check whether the mobile has charged well not. If no, first connect and charge the mobile to confirm the why wont my iphone 6 turn on the issue.


  • In order to do so, plug in the iPhone to the original charger or else to the system to confirm what exactly the reason behind the issue.
  • Once after connecting, keep it aside for a while so that it automatically gets a turn for 15-30 minutes. Also, do hold the on/off button in order to turn on successfully.

After the whole process, if the mobile does not turn on, there is a possibility of cause due to the cable or any other. So also try to cross check whether you have used the correct 100% working cable or not. And then take a decision to apply the other method for solving my iphone 6 won’t turn on issue.

Perform Hard Reset on iPhone

What exactly the hard reset means? Nothing like to do restart which ultimately clears a lot of device memory for the better reset. In order to perform a hard reset, follow the below instructions provided in clear and understandable format.


  • Hold the on/off button and also the home button simultaneously.
  • Continue holding for a while till you get the apple logo on the screen with no doubt.
  • If you get the shutdown slider, continue holding the buttons.
  • Once the logo appears, the phone automatically gets started.

In this simple way, you can solve the iphone 6 doesn’t turn on issue in a very short time. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions carefully.

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

Well, this is one more method help to solve the iphone 6 won’t turn on issue. Restoring iPhone to the factory settings is the best possible solution. You can erase the data, settings and solve all the issues encountered with the device. In normal, you need to sync both iPhones and restore through iTunes, but still, if it does not turn on, then follow instructions carefully.


  • The first step, plug the iPhone USB cable in order to lightning/ Dock Connector port but make a note as not to the system.
  • Then now the user is asked to hold the home button and then plug to the other end of USB cable into the system.
  • So that it will open the iTunes, keeping in recovery mode and then help in restoring the iPhone.

After performing these steps can assure you the iPhone will definitely turn’s on. If not try another method provided below.

Keep iPhone in DFU mode

Well, in certain situations, the iPhone may not turn on. This is because it will never boot up successfully. All this would be done after jailbreaking or especially when you try to install the iOS update excluding enough battery life. So trying this might help you to fix the issue in a short. Follow the instructions provided here for iphone 6 will not turn on the issue in step by step.


  • Plug the iPhone into the system.
  • Hold down the both on and off button for at least 3 seconds and then continue proceeding further.
  • Hold down the on/off button, home button altogether about 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the on/off button and then keep holding the home button for a while with no doubt.
  • If you get the black screen and nothing appears, then you are in the DFU mode.
  • So stay and follow all the on-screen instructions in iTunes to complete the whole process successfully.

If this method also does not get work for iphone 6 won’t power on issue, move to the next method with no second thought.

Perform Reset on Proximity Sensor

Another alternative method to clear out the whole issue like iphone 6 screen went black is performing reset on the respective proximity sensor. This cause might be due to the malfunction encountered in the proximity sensor which completely slows down the iPhone screen. Ultimately, this remains dark screen once the phone is on. So in order to solve this, follow the simple instructions provided in clear and understandable format.


  • The first step, make an attempt holding the home, on/off button altogether and then successfully restart the mobile.
  • Once it restarts, the screen would be in working stage.
  • Click on settings app and then tap on general.
  • Now again click on reset and then reset all settings.
  • So that, it completely erases all the preferences and settings available on the iPhone but will never delete the data.

Trying all these methods will help you come out from the iphone 6 won’t turn on issue in a very simple and possible way. If not, still you face the same iphone 6 not turning on issue, just go a step forward searching the apple support nearby your location and contact, explain the iphone 6 turned off and wont turn back on issue and simply get rid of the iphone 6 will not turn on issue with fewer expenses. If you do any kind of delay in solving it, that may cause the larger expenses.

Final Thoughts

Hope you are cleared about the concept iphone 6 won’t turn on provided here in a detailed way. For instance, if you have any kind of doubts regarding my iphone 6 won’t turn on, can drop a comment on the below-provided box. Also, share with friends or social networking sites if you like the iphone 6 not turning on the article. Thank you for visiting. Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more latest or interesting fixes help in turn resolving in a short period.

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