iphone 6 touch screen not working

iPhone 6 Touch Screen Not Working: Perfect Solutions To Fix

iPhone 6 touch screen not working cant unlock

iphone 6 touch screen not working: As we all know, every user likes to maintain iPhone and feel passionate to do so. Though there are several versions either it may be iPhone 6/6s/7/x any, features are well structured and updated from version to next version. But all this might be well if the user faces iphone 6 touch screen not working, how can you solve it? Well, here we go with all those solutions in the form of different methods and in different steps. Moreover, I provide you the best points in a simple way so that you can try at regular attempts successfully. For instance, the reason might be the jailbreak/ poor quality/any. And the points you need to remember and perform is if the touchscreen becomes unresponsive in some apps, you need to0 make sure as you deleted all the unnecessary things and reinstalled successfully.

Better prefer few gloves as such some will work along with the touchscreen in a perfect way. And not too also because wearing gloves might lead to this particular iphone 6 stopped working issue. Always try to keep your fingers clean and dry especially when you use an iPhone. Well, suppose if it is too old and filled with all the fingerprints and scratches then need to change it with no other doubt. To remove the screen protector, clean with the soft cloth and also check out whether touchscreen working properly or not. Reboot the device by holding on/off button and also a home button at a stretch about 10 seconds till you get the apple logo on the screen appeared successfully. All these points might help you to keep away from the iphone 6 touch screen not working issue in a perfect way.

iphone 6 touch screen not working

How to fix iphone 6 touch screen not working

Well, here let us focus on certain solutions/ methods that help to get rid of the issue very well. So have a look at the below points and follow the instructions carefully.


  • Restore the iPhone As newer one.
  • Clean up the iPhone completely.
  • Reset the iPhone.
  • Reset in DFU Mode.
  • Other serious measures to solve the issue.
  • Consulting Professionals for further help.

So now if you are the one suffering among them, then read the below methods and take an appropriate action to solve iphone 6 touch screen not working problem successfully.

Restore Your iPhone As New

Fine, all the issue will get solved once you follow the below instructions provided in clear and understandable format. And in turn, if it does not respond at times, and appear like completely frozen then do try restoring it multiple times. Here we go with all the steps in a more precise way.


  • The first step, go to the icloud.com on your system and then sign up with both Apple id and password created at the beginning stage.
  • Now click on the Find my iPhone appeared on the page.
  • And then redirect to All devices and then select the iPhone you prefer to erase by making a click on erase iPhone. Click on conform to continue.
  • Then in the next step, connect the device to your system and open the iTunes.
  • Choose the device located at the top left the menu, and then click on restore iPhone. Confirm once again to move forward.
  • And then restore the iPhone 6 from iTunes successfully.

Even though, if the mobile cause iPhone 6 display not working issue, follow the other methods provided in the simple and easy way. So that there might be a chance to come out from the issue iPhone 6 touch screen not responding very well.

Clean up the iPhone successfully

Well, this is very much important in clearing the complete cache on time, cookies, documents and data related to apps, all such unnecessary things must be removed spontaneously. And these cache files not only make the device slow down but also create numerous problems like draining out the battery of the device in a bad way. Why the user needs to clear all the unnecessary files, let me tell you doing so, helps to relocate more space freeing up the storage and speeds the working of the device very well.


And yes this has worked for multiple times and fixed the touchscreen unresponsiveness to the greater extent. But if in case this method does not get work and cause iphone 6 touch screen not working, how can you solve? Simply follow the other measures to solve iphone 6 screen glitching shown below.

Reset the iPhone

All I can say as this was the best and 100% working method to solve iphone screen glitchy issue. By applying this, you can easily sort out in a more simple way. So have a look and follow carefully. Though the resetting might be bit painful, you can wipe all the existing settings and the wifi logins. And fix such issue in a very short notice.

  • Go to Settings-> General-> And then reset-> Reset all settings.
  • Moreover, remember clicking on All Settings-> iPhone confirmation reset on iPhone in iOS10.


Following this simple path will definitely help you to get rid of the iphone 6 touch screen not working issue. Trust me. If not, you can take other measures too for solving iphone 6 screen glitches provided below.

Restore the iPhone in DFU Mode

What exactly DFU stands for? Device Firmware Update mode which especially allows the iOS device to communicate with iTunes or else even without activating bootloader to help in solving iphone 6 screen problem very well. As such this lets the whole device restore irrespective of stage.


All this mode is completely the complicated one like the issues with iphone 6. But well worked in my case. So you also take a chance, make an attempt to solve the iPhone 6 screen not working issue successfully. Or else apply the other simple methods to solve iphone 6 screen freezes issue showcased in the current write-up.

Time to take seriously measures

Are you looking for the process of doing a backup, and then restoring through iTunes? Well, then follow here. Before initiating the process, make sure as you are done doing a backup in iCloud/ iTunes perfectly. For instance, if you contact the official support channel, then they definitely restore the device as a part of the troubleshooting issue and then keeping it in a perfect working condition. But most of the time, restoring the iPhone or doing so through DFU mode will definitely work. And in turn, solves the iphone 6 screen not responding issue successfully.

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Finally, I hope you are cleared about the steps taken to solve iphone 6 not working issue. As a result, if you get any doubts, just simply drop a comment below. And if you like to share these perfect solutions with your belongings about this particular iphone 6 screen issue, go ahead with no other thought. Thank you. Keep visiting PhoneGnome for more useful information.

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