iphone 6s won't turn on

iPhone 6s Won’t Turn On Fix issue

My iPhone 6 won’t turn on

Well, are you fed up with these iphone 6s won’t turn on troubleshoot issues? Or else do you like to know the better solution for iphone 6s won’t turn on issue? I am here to help you out. Usually, all the power issues will encounter on any device either the phone might be the newer one or may not too. There might be some buggy apps or the errors causing the device not to power on for long lasting hours. And moreover, the same issue like why wont my iphone 6s turn on was claimed by a number of individuals. This is all can be reduced by applying the following perfect solutions.

For instance, there might be no damage to the hardware or outlook of the device. But yes there are a lot of chances getting the battery drained down completely or else might be the system crash. The only happy thing is there are the solutions available to solve iphone 6s won’t turn on issues in a very simple and easy way. All these methods introduced are completely based on potential causes like system failure and much more. Let us focus and get rid of the iphone 6s not turning on issues in a more simple way.

iphone 6s won't turn on

How to Fix iphone 6s won’t turn on On in Simple Methods

Here we focus on simple methods provided in clear and understandable format. So that the user can easily get rid of the iphone 6s won’t turn on issue very well.


  • Connect the iPhone to the charger.
  • Restart the iPhone.
  • Crosscheck your Data cable, ports and others connected to iPhone.
  • Contact nearby Apple Support.

Hope by applying these methods might help you to get rid of the iphone 6s won’t turn on issue in a very short period. So why to do delay? Let us go and solve immediately.

Connect iPhone to the Charger Successfully

In order to assure ourselves as the phone is not dead especially due to some insufficient or depleted battery life, wait for 15-20 minutes till it gets to charge for some time. All the smartphones like Apple 6s too might be used for a little longer showing charging indicator. Or to get power on successfully. This is all done especially the complete battery is drained off. You need to be sure for connecting the charger to the outlet with no doubt.


Most of all the cases, use only the manufacturer provided charging accessories because if you neglect in this matter, might lead to the worst condition encountering infinite issues. Once after 20 minutes, try to turn on by pressing the sleep button especially when the iPhone remains connected to the charger well. If you still face the same iPhone 6s screen blackout issue, try other methods provided here.

Force Restart

Are you still facing the same? Then you can assume as all the issues might not be related to system failure. All these are the certain instances when the iOS gets completely corrupted, causing the iPhone, in turn, to show the blank screen or might not get turned on. In that scenario, you need to try to restart the device by pressing both the sleep and wake button, also home button simultaneously.


And now wait for a while till you get the Apple logo. And well, it must turn on otherwise you need to apply other serious measures with no second thought. Forcing so will not affect or erase the content. So Don’t worry about the data stored on the device.

Cross Verify the Charger and other Peripheral things

Do continue the troubleshooting for a while on considering certain factors. All this, in turn, help you to determine what exactly causing such issue. So let us go, focus and try applying some more things. Follow these when your iPhone doesn’t get turn on.


  • Crosscheck all the ports, use a soft cloth for cleaning up only if necessary.
  • Do verify USB cable and make sure as it should not have any damage. Otherwise, at times there is a chance to use other cables to check to function properly or not.
  • Just simply try to plug in with other appliances to the respective outlet for charging the mobile. You can try using other outlets too.

These are the things you must and should keep in mind, verify and solve the issue iphone 6s wont turn on in a more easy way.

Contact Nearby Apple Support

If the above all do not get work, then simply get aware of nearby Apple support and contact that respective team, explain the issue and solve in seconds. Even though you apply the above methods, facing the same issue? So that you can conclude as related to a hardware issue. And if you are brave enough, then you yourself open the iPhone and check completely with all the components thoroughly. Or else if you have the warranty still for a longer period, can directly replace to get the new phone.


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Hope you are now aware of all the methods that help you to solve the iphone 6s black screen issue in a simple way. If not contact the Apple support representative who is available near your location and find out the best solution for iphone 6s will not turn on the issue. Thank you for visiting. If you like the article, can share with friends or also on social networking sites. For more doubts, drop a comment below who all fed up of getting my iPhone 6s won’t turn on with no second thought. We shortly reach you and provide optimal solutions. Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more better solutions.

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