iphone 6s battery issues

iPhone 6s Battery Issues: Fix it Right Now with a Perfect Solution

iPhone 6s battery Drain

Usually, as per the recent reports, most of all the users claimed related to iPhone 6s battery issues. If you notice, Apple has announced as if the product goes faulty, will definitely replace with newer one within the warranty period. Is this not a good news for the iPhone 6s users??????? Well, whoever has found their device shutting down at regular intervals, make a note of it.

However, the Apple is offering iPhone 6s replacement service worldwide. So no matter where you are, once if you have found iPhone 6s battery drain, can replace for free with no second thought. Also, these iPhone 6s battery issues encounter when you upgraded your phone. So here is the best solution that helps you to fix iPhone 6s battery in a very short notice period. So are you not excited to solve right now? Here we go.

iphone 6s battery issues

How to Fix iPhone 6s battery issues

Well, let me tell you, If you follow us, then here is the real fix. Just simply have a look and implement to fix iPhone 6s battery problem in a very short notice period.

  • Crosscheck the Battery.
  • Location Services.
  • Visual effects, Hey Siri, Auto-Lock and Screen Brightness.
  • Replacement.

Hope you will try out these by saving all your money and time before reaching Apple Support.

Cross check the Whole Battery

Just scroll down for checking the battery’s usage and a standby position. And then you will also notice one of the apps bugging out in the background. Is that possible? Yes, of course, for every regular update, this happens to the greater extent. This is because while the update is going on, all the apps scramble to get set with the new operating system. Let us go for the process provided in simple steps.


  • The first step, go to the Settings-> battery.
  • Scroll down so that will find some numbers, one is for standby and other is meant for usage. There the usage number must and should be lower than standby number. If it does not show the same, then try by performing next step.
  • Jot down the Standby and usage for multiple times and then click on lock button available on your phone.
  • Wait for some time and then cross check again.
  • If your Standby time is more than five minutes, it is well good. But if the usage time has been shown more than the minute, then make a note as this is the sign that the phone is not resetting as done before.
  • So when the app is the cause of the iPhone 6s battery issues, this is none other than malfunctioning. And in turn, it is draining the whole battery power. So uninstall and restart the mobile without any second thought.

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Location Services


  • Verify location services available under the settings or privacy to see whether all the apps are draining battery life or not.
  • Usually, location services use GPS, Bluetooth, cell tower locations and crowd-sourced hot-spots in order to place the phone on a map respectively. And this might be one of the reasons behind the iPhone 6 battery issues/ iPhone 6s battery problems.
  • To get rid of this, go to Settings-> Privacy-> Location services, in order to customize the app spending much effort on the location.
  • Most of all the times, they were set to default. And at the end, you can see the system services exactly what used your location in the last 24 hours. So toggle all those apps to off for getting rid of the iPhone 6s problems.

Visual Effects, Auto-lock, and screen brightness


This is one of the possible ways to reduce the iphone 6s battery life issue in a simple and quick way. For this, just swipe up the notification bar available on your mobile and use slider in control center for reducing the overall screen brightness.

  • Go to Settings-> Siri and then search.
  • From the screen motion and the brightness, start with all the visual effects. And now you are requested to go for settings-> General-> Accessibility and then reduce the motion. Now just tap on the toggle switch and then turn on for reducing motion respectively.

And all this might reduce the iphone 6s battery issues to the greater extent.

Battery Replacement


This might probably be the last step. So before going to, just crosscheck whether the iphone6S is eligible for a free battery replacement or no. And then try to backup all the data either on PC or to the iCloud respectively. You should also turn off find my iphone and then erase both data and settings. As such can restore it later.

  • While you hand over to the Apple Support, they try to fix the iphone 6s battery life sucks issue. And make a note the issue must be solved very soon rather than lagging it all around.
  • Even though the Apple support team fixed the issue, facing the same iphone 6s battery drains fast problem again and again. Then it should definitely get replaced with the newer one.
  • So just visit the Apple Support and hand over the mobile to replace with the newer one.
  • If you have done before the warranty period gets complete, then there might be a chance of getting new batter for free.
  • Otherwise, should afford some to fix the iPhone 6s battery life slows down issue right now.

Try to fix before as this should not lead to the bigger issue.

Final Thoughts

I hope you are cleared of all the battery life iPhone 6s issue provided here. If you have any doubts related to battery life on iphone 6s, drop a comment on the below section without any fail. Moreover, feel free to share all your opinion of battery life of iphone 6s issue irrespective of time. Also, like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Stay back to PhoneGnome for more interesting updates.

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