iphone 6s wont charge

iPhone 6s wont charge!! Here is the Real Fix {5 Ways to Fix}

iPhone 6s wont charge

Unable to solve iPhone 6s won’t charge issue???? Fed up with trying out all the different methods??? No problem. I am here to help and direct you in a right way. Nothing is impossible. Am I right? Well, there are a lot of methods that completely wash out the issue in less time. And by trying out these will also reduce wastage of time and money very well.

At times this might be related to the hardware problem with the lightning dock or any. Time is running out!! Lets now get here, read and perform all the steps carefully to clear out issue perfectly. Make a note as even the Apple technician do the same. So why not you try for this. Here we go. I will show you how to find out in the simple and easy way. Sometimes you might face problems like your iPhone 6 won’t turn on. In that case, read this article to fix it right now.

iphone 6s wont charge

Fix iPhone 6s won’t charge with Simple Steps:

Till now I have seen the user visiting Apple support and claiming like “iPhone 6s won’t charge” / even though I tried to connect with my original charger/ car charger/ system/ any, face the same iPhone 6s not charging. How can I come out when there is no time to visit Apple support. Or how can I solve especially in the emergency cases?

For instance, if the phone would not charge, replacing the battery will be appearing like zero effect. So first you are likely to determine the issue. Now it is the time to fix the issue with a perfect solution.

  • Hard Reset Your iPhone
  • Try A Different iPhone Charger
  • Brush The Gunk Out Of Your iPhone’s Charging Port
  • Put Your iPhone Into DFU Mode And Restore
  • Repair Your iPhone

As a result, trying out all these simple methods might help you to clear out iPhone 6s won’t charge successfully. Even many iPhone 6 Users nowadays facing the issue like iPhone 6 Touch Screen Not Working. Even you can fix that issues too if you face any.

So time is precious right? We go right now to solve ourselves in a perfect way.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

While the customer handles their phone to the Apple support representative, will do the same performing hard reset. So why not we do?? Never worried about the process as all these were simple steps which we have to perform. Here we go.


  • First Step, press and hold the power button, home button altogether till you see the apple logo on the screen successfully.
  • That’s all. If not try another method showcased below.

The only mistake always they do is people usually will not hold the button for a longer time. At times it may take at least 20 seconds to get the process done. So calm down, do not tense and perform carefully in a perfect way. If it doesn’t get on, then this might relate to some hardware fixes. Let us go right now to crosscheck in a perfect way. Even you may see the Black Screen on iPhone 6 While Turning it ON & that black screen might not go and takes a lot of time, So here is the Fix for iPhone 6 Black Screen.

Try A Different iPhone Charger:

how to charge iPhone 6s? Well, first of all, cross check whether you are using original cable or no? Well if not try by plugging original cable. And still you see the same, then try using your friend’s or any of your belonging’s charger so that can come to conclusion what exactly the problem with no second thought.


Also, you can try out connecting to system’s USB port for identifying the issue. For instance, if the software detects all its fluctuations, then the iPhone may prevent its protective measure.

Brush The Gunk Out Of Your iPhone’s Charging Port

Try out this carefully and with the help of a flashlight, start brushing very much slower. If you notice any junk, remove it immediately to get back the worki9ng condition of iPhone respectively. As such it consists of a lot of connectors, if it goes with wronger one, there might be a great chance leading to my iPhone 6s won’t charge. Isn’t it sad!!But can be resolved following these steps.


Simply Grab the toothbrush which was never used before and must be soft enough. Carefully brush out the charging port. And remove the whole junk in a proper way.

All this might help you to come out from the iPhone 6s charging issues in a very short notice period.

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Put Your iPhone Into DFU Mode And Restore:

Facing same????!!! Doesn’t matter. Just try out keeping iPhone in DFU mode. As we all know the DFU restore is special kind of restore which is served to fix all the bugs if exists in a perfect way. Unable to get? Well, let us learn in simple words. This process will help you when you restore the iPhone, will erase everything on it and restore finally it to factory settings. Right? This is what I am saying. Here we go through the process in simple steps for solving iPhone 6s will not charge issue.


  • First Step Plug the iPhone into your respective system and then open the iTunes. Never mind about either the iPhone is on or off.
  • Press and hold the Sleep / Wake Button and Home Button or the volume down button altogether for 8-10 seconds.
  • After doing so, release the Sleep / Wake Button but continue to hold the Home Button or the volume down button, till you get the notification as “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”
  • Now let us go with the Home Button or volume down button with no second thought. After all these steps, the display will be completely black if you’ve successfully entered in DFU mode. If not, do the same again carefully.
  • Now finally, restore the iPhone through iTunes without any fail.

Even though got the same iPhone 6s won’t charge or turn on, simply try to contact the nearby technician.

Repair Your iPhone:

Tired of trying all the above methods too???? No problem. As this is the last and least preferred method, go to the nearby technician, explain the issue and solve iPhone 6s won’t charge with no stress.

Final Thoughts:

I hope you are cleared of all these iPhone 6s won’t charge simple methods and steps provided here. For any doubts, can drop a comment on the below section. Also, if you like the article, share with friends/social networking sites with no second thought. Thank you. Keep visiting PhoneGnome for more useful information.

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