iphone 6 wont charge

[Fixed] iPhone 6 won’t charge Troubleshooting Issue

Fix if iPhone 6 wont charge When Connected

iphone 6 wont charge: Well, looking forward to solving iphone 6 wont charge troubleshooting issue? Not a problem. Make a note as before focusing on all such issues, crosscheck whether you are plugged in or not. How can you identify charging issues? Can be done by checking both the adapter as well the USB cable. Am I right? If that works while you connecting mobile, not a problem. Also, you can plug into all the three sources showcased here. Like plugging into USB wall adapter and then to the wall with no doubt.

Or you can check by connecting to the respective system whether it is getting charged or no when the system is not in sleep mode. Also, at the time of getting iphone not charging when plugged in. But do not use USB ports on the keyboard. Or else plug the cable to the powered USB hub, docking station or any of the accessories so that can identify whether it is getting charged or else might be iphone 6 charging port not working issue. Well, if not and fed up with iphone 6 wont charge in multiple attempts, consider the below methods provided in clear and understandable format.

iphone 6 wont charge

Methods to fix iphone 6 wont charge

Let us focus methods that help to get rid of the issue in a more simple way. So are you not interested to do so? Well, let us go here.

  • Hard Reset.
  • Clean the Charging Port.
  • Dealing with liquid damage.
  • Keep your iphone in DFU mode.
  • Repair iPhone

Hard Reset

Each and every user must and try applying this method because it will 100% support to solve the issue in a very short time. Moreover, while reaching the near Apple support team representative, will do the same. So read and start performing yourself to save time for a while. So inorder to perform, hard reset follows the below steps provided in clear and understandable format.


  • First step press and hold the power button, volume down button and also home button altogether to reset the mobile successfully.
  • It may take a while to get appear logo on the screen. Just have a patience and move forward with no other thought.
  • Keep holding till you get the logo, why I am saying this because once it appears, all were done.

Doing so will solve the issue, saves your time making the user more comfortable.

Clean the Charging Port

How can you clean the charging port? dipping into the water? Never do this as it leads to larger hardware damage and never turns on. But yes you can clean with the help of soft and tiny brush only when you see some junk in the port. This might prevent the lightning cable from making a  strong and solid connection to the respective iphone.


And there might be a lot of connectors available, when the wrong one is blocked, lead to this particular issue. Well, for suppose, if you find some junk or any tiny particles filled in the port, this is the time to brush out. Just grab the toothbrush, gently or softly do brushing in the iPhone charging port. All this help the user solving issue and the mobile to gets 100% charged.

Solving if Liquid Damage

This is one more common reason why you get iphone 6 won’t charge or turn on issue. Yes if you observe, then you can identify the cause due to some liquid. While this entered the port, you get this sort of issues. Even though you dried up the entire port, brushed out the junk, may not get solved at times. In that scenario, you need to take much care before getting such cause or once it encounters, visit nearby Apple support team representative for getting rid of this issue.


Put the iPhone connected on DFU Mode and then Restore

By doing all these, facing same? Fed up with such issues? Then try this method connecting iPhone on DFU mode. This might work for several times. What can we do as you have crossed all the simple processes and now still getting the same issue? So should make an attempt trying this perfectly. Moreover, this might be the last effort of eliminating such error. As we all know DFU will definitely help you out in solving this iphone 6 charging port issue.


For instance, if your iPhone must get repaired well, then try this out with no second thought. So the device firmware update mode helps the user allowing the iOS device for communicating with iTunes or else not choosing activating bootloader to solve. This might be a complicated one but trust me will help you in solving to the greater extent. So don’t forget to take a chance and attempt this particular method of solving it.

Repair iPhone Gently

So you might get to a conclusion as this is the last stage of solving iphone 6 will not charge issue. If you fed up applying the above methods, then simply contact nearby Apple Support. And if it has been liquid damage or any, will clear by cleaning completely. Or if you have a warranty still, then definitely will replace with the new phone.


Moreover, if you do not have AppleCare+ then it might be expensive and also fast. All the photos, data and other related documents will be gone and lead to this issue. So take an appropriate care before solving this iphone 6 does not charge issue. Never forget about maintaining backup so that will help you to get if lost too.

Hope now you are well agreed to solve iphone 6 won’t turn on or charge by applying the above methods. Follow all the instructions carefully to solve my iphone 6 wont charge in a very short notice period.

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Final Words

As a result,l I hope you are cleared of all the different methods provided herein for iphone 6 wont charge in simple and understandable format. For instance, if you have any doubts on my iphone 6 won’t charge, can drop a comment in the below section. Moreover, if you like to share this iphone 6 not charging article with belongings/friends, go ahead. Also, can share on social networking sites. Thank you for visiting. Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more interesting and latest outstanding solutions.

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