How to fix”iPhone Touch Screen Not Working”

Sometimes it might happen that you are using your iPhone and it gets stuck or frozen. Basically you aren’t able to use the touch anymore. This might happen sometimes and it really irritates some people a lot when they go through this.

Although it isn’t a huge deal as it might happen quite frequently to some users and it can be fixed quite easily as well as it is just a minor glitch most of the time. Although if it is due to some serious hardware issue, you might have to get it repaired or you might have to get it to fix iphone screen not working

Implications of the iPhone touch screen not working

This occurs when your screen becomes unresponsive or it gets stuck. It’s quite easy for you to surpass this issue if this is due to the software functionality of the device, however, if this is a hardware issue, it might be quite tiring to get through.

This might happen due to touch screens that do not have authorization from Apple and are planted in your device through third-party service centers. This can definitely wreck your touch screen’s functionality. But it sometimes might just be about the original touch screen of your device.

It might happen sometimes that you’ve had your iPhone repaired from an Apple authorized service center and you have gotten your touch screen replaced with an Apple authorized touch screen but you still go through this issue post updating. This occurs as it isn’t the touch screen that your device was manufactured with. So it might have some issues regarding its functionality as it might not be ideally suited with your device.

Some of the Apple users who are currently using iPhone X have reported that it would stop working near-freezing temperatures. Also, there is a little known condition known as the touch disease that’s been affecting some bendable iPhones. Before starting to troubleshoot any issues, let’s discuss the touch disease.

The touch disease

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There is also an issue going around in the blue books as “the touch disease”. This is a condition that is the result of a major design flaw in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Some of the sources mislead you to believe that this issue is in the complete iPhone 6 series but it actually isn’t.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are protected from this issue. Because they don’t have the design flaw made on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. When this happens, the users see a grey bar on top of the screen, the length of the iOS menu bar, and it flickers. When this happens, the device is deprived of touch functionalities temporarily.

There are a couple of ways running around on some pages to fix this issue like some users reported that they could just press the top half of their display and the problem would be fixed temporarily. Some reported that locking and then unlocking their device fixed it while some others said that twisting their device a bit did.

I would still advise you not to try any of these methods because it can damage your device to a greater extent and may wreck its functionality permanently. Please take it to an Apple store or visit an Apple technician.

How to resolve the iPhone touch screen not working issue

There are certain remedies to this situation. They are listed below:apple phone

  1. If the touch screen isn’t working all the time which means permanently, then you might have to get your device to an Apple technician.
  2. If the touch screen stops working while using a certain app, uninstall the app and then install it again.
  3. Moisture may also affect the functionality of the screen as it will prevent proper contact between your finger and the touch screen. So try drying it off and then try using the touch again. Also, ensure that the hands are clean as that may prevent proper contact too.
  4. Touch screens don’t respond to gloves. Some of these gloves are specially designed to work on some specific types of touch screens but most of them don’t. So try to remove your gloves, if wearing any.
  5. Your screen guard might also interfere with the touch screen’s functionality. Try removing it and then using the touch again to see if it works now.
  6. Ensure that the touch screen of your iPhone is clean as it may interfere with the touch being able to receive the digital information from your gestures. Try cleaning it with a piece of cloth.
  7. If your device has a 3D touch feature then try checking its sensitivity settings. This can be done by opening Settings on your device, visiting general and going to accessibility. Now, you may find 3D touch, click on it and then adjust its sensitivity using the slider.iphone touch screen not working
  8. Try hard resetting the device by pressing the home button along with the power button and hold them for nearly 10-15 seconds. This might restore the complete functionality of your screen.
  9. Updating your software might also fix your issue as Apple tries to fix all existing issues when they provide new updates. So if you find a software update, try to install it and as a result, you may be able to get through the issue.
  10. If the touch screen isn’t working since you’ve replaced or gotten the touch screen repaired from a third-party service, then it might be possible that it’s happening due to the screen not being an acceptable one to an Apple device. Or it might deem to be different in some major aspects as compared to the original touch screen. Apple themselves had once announced in one of their updates, in the year 2017, that parts installed in any Apple device won’t work if they don’t belong to the said company or if they are not recognized by them. You might have to take your device back to the shop that you got it repaired from.
  11. If nothing else works, you may even try to reset your device to its factory settings. Although you might need to backup all your data otherwise it’ll all be lost. This method is most likely to work and fix everything if there is even a slight software glitch that is causing your iPhone touch screen to stop working.

 I hope I could address all your queries and you can easily fix your iPhone touch screen not working issue or trying to help you in getting it the right attention it needs. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact Apple support or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.

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