iphone 6 freezing

iPhone 6 freezing Continuously!!! Fix it using Simple and Easy Methods

iPhone 6 freezing

For all those who all are searching the perfect solution for iPhone 6 freezing, do not get stressed out unnecessarily. I am here to help to solve iPhone 6 keeps freezing in simple and understandable format. All the thing you have to do is try out all these methods and solve instead of going nearby Apple support. If the issue is small, then doing so is completely waste of time.

Usually, the Apple update was aimed at the making iDevices perform better and smarter compare to others. This, in turn, promising to provide the better experience to each and every user respectively. Also, integrates the number of patches for fixing all the issues like iPhone 6 screen freezes that encounter on the device.

iphone 6 freezing

Fix iPhone 6 freezing Issue With Simple Methods:

Well, let us now focus on certain methods that help to wash out the iPhone 6 freezes issue in a very short period of time. Just have a look, pick the one and try out without any fail.

  • Perform the Soft Reset.
  • Reset all Settings
  • Uninstall all the unnecessary apps.
  • Turn the Mobile Data on and off.
  • Perform a DFU mode

So are you ready to go right now with me to fix my iPhone 6 keeps freezing? Here we go.

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1) Perform the Soft Reset:

Try to reboot and maintain it to run in a very smoother way. This is one of the most simple processes that deal with a number of issues in a more successful way. S as a result, to perform on your iPhone, hold the Sleep/wake button for a while till the whole slider appears. Just select the option in order to power off. Wait for a while and press the same in order to turn back on. Make a note as after doing a soft reset, it does not erase the content or data through the iPhone. All this is the safe process.


When you don’t have a chance to reboot the iPhone, perform the force restart. And then hold the power button and home button for at least 10-15 seconds till you see the logo appearing on the screen. For suppose, if it appears the same iPhone 6 freezing issue, reboot again.

2) Reset All Settings:

Resetting all the settings will restore to the factory defaults including a number of preferences like 


So now go to the Settings-> General-> Reset and finally click on the Reset all settings. Click on it twice for confirming the action. Once the process is done, iPhone will be rebooting very well.

If the issue iPhone keeps freezing encounters once you installed any kind of third-party app on your device, need to disable temporarily or delete all such faulty apps. After doing so, reboot with no second thought.


Also, has a possibility due to the recent apps installed on your device. Try to recall the apps you installed on your mobile.

4) Turn the Mobile Data to ON and OFF:

The iPhone might get crash and restart on its own. So there might be a chance to obtain temporarily fix phone keeps freezing iPhone 6 with all the background work. Well, follow the path provided in clear and understandable format.


  • Go to Settings-> Cellular-> Cellular data in order to turn it successfully ON.
  • Reboot the phone and turn it to off once again.

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The DFU mode is a type of the state where your phone can able to contact the iTunes even though it does not completely turn on. All the iTunes program will attempt to preserving all the settings and contents too while performing an update or restoring the iPhone to the DFU mode respectively. Follow the below steps carefully and start working on iPhone 6 freezing issue.


  • The first step you need to connect the iPhone to the system through the OEM or apple provided with USB cable. You have to make sure as it must and should running all the latest iTunes version only.
  • While the iPhone getting connected with it, press and hold both power and home buttons.
  • Release both the keys once you see the iTunes logo and lightning cable on iTunes.
  • Select update in order to proceed with the firmware update or else restore from the backup.
  • But remember one thing as selecting the restore option will erase the whole thing and also the contents of the device. So make a backup if required.


Well, I hope you are cleared about the whole concept iPhone 6 freezing provided here. Also, if you like the iPhone 6 freezing up article, share with friends and also on social networking sites with no second thought. Moreover, feel free to share all the information on my iPhone keeps freezing issue with us.

If you get any doubts, drop a comment on the below section undoubtedly. Thank you. Stay in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting news.

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