Tricks to mirror iPad

3 Awesome Tricks to Mirror iPhone to PC

About Mirroring iPhone

Here in this post, we will tell you how you can mirror your iPhone to a PC and enjoy your favorite web series & movies on a much bigger screen than that 6 inches or less. In these lockdown conditions, while we are moving towards the second wave of the pandemic which is said to be even massive than the first one, the thing which has saved us from getting bore and kill someone is entertainment and the internet. Also, learn how to control the iPhone with PC, it will help you out a lot.

Entertainment is best served on bigger screens. No, we didn’t say that probably a multiplex owner or someone with blurred vision must have said that for the first time, but is that person wrong anyway? No, that guy has unlocked the whole new potentials of entertainment in today’s world. Let’s mirror iPhone to PC and start our most loved series without wasting any moment now.

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Bring it ON.

Method 1 – USB

You can call this the most conventional method of screen mirroring, while everyone is moving ahead with wireless connections & network, are you the one who trusts on wires only? If yes, then we have great news for you, now just download an app and you are good to go on the bigger screen. Follow the steps.

Step 1: Download the ApowerMirror app on both PC and iPhone. This app is easily available for download for all iOS devices.
Step 2: After successful installation of the app on both the devices, connect the PC and iPhone with the help of a lightning cable.
Step 3: Install drivers on the PC if it asks for.
Step 4: After the PC recognizes your iOS device on the app screen, add the PC in the trusted devices.

Now you are connected with the PC, your iPhone screen is available on the PC screen via USB cable / lightning cable. Enjoy.

Method 2 – Bluetooth

You can tether your iPhone to your PC via Bluetooth but having a screen mirror via this method is still unavailable. However, we believe that tethering iOS device with PC gives you almost the same access as you can watch your things on PC through the internet via Bluetooth. Learn the stepwise method and tether your iPhone with PC.

Step 1: Turn the Bluetooth ON on the PC.
Step 2: Unlock your iPhone and move towards the “Personal Hotspot” option in the Settings menu.
Step 3: Select the Bluetooth tethering.
Step 4: Connect the PC with the iPhone via Bluetooth, and now you can enjoy the internet via Bluetooth.

Note: It is recommended to keep both the devices close to each other as the range of Bluetooth is 10m at max, and this happens to be distance sensitive. More the distance, the less the speed.

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Method 3 – Airplay

This method is quite simple, all you need to do is connect the iOS device with PC via Airplay and trust the PC, later you can access the whole screen of the iPhone hassle-free. Follow the steps.

Step 1: Download the Mirroring360 app for windows on your PC.
Step 2: Connect both iPhone and PC with the same Wi-Fi connection network.
Step 3: Keep the Mirroring360 app open in the PC and turn the device status ON.
Step 4: Turn the Airplay option ON in the iPhone and tap on the Share Screen button there.
Step 5: Select the computer on which you want to mirror the iPhone screen. Done.

Note: You can directly click on the Airplay option if your bigger screen happens to be a Mac device.

We have observed that people use the mirror iPhone features only when their screen is cracked. If this is your case too, you need to first learn how to unlock the broken screen iPhone first, to carry out this mirroring feature. Also, you read about fixing iPhone screen cracks with toothpaste.

We hope that we have solved your queries about the topic, you can also comment down below to ask us anything about this post or let us know if we missed anything. Thanks.

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