Can Toothpaste Really Fix a Cracked Phone Screen?

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Here we go with a special focus on the cracked phone screen with toothpaste provided in step by step process. So, what exactly the process for how to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste, and does it get solved permanently? Yes, one can get rid out of the issue with the help of toothpaste. The tiny crack encountered at the cell phone screen can be resolved with simple tricks. Fill the toothpaste in the crack in order to make it disappear. Does not require any kind of special tool. Users can move forward to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste with the below steps very well. Before applying any method, please make sure you have taken a backup of your cracked screen iPhone.

Fix cracked phone screen with toothpaste

Steps For How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen With Toothpaste

We here guide you on how to fix a cracked screen with toothpaste in a clear and understandable format. As such one can get rid of the issue by performing the below steps. Follow them carefully while applying them.

How To Fix A Cracked Cellphone Screen With Toothpaste

  • In the very first step, one has to place the towel on the table. And then place the mobile on the screen facing towards you.
  • Blow off the entire screen with the burst of compressed air.
  • Then now wipe the edges of the screen with the help of soft cloth for removing the entire dust gathered all around. Again, blow the screen off through this compressed air.
  • Furthermore, apply the toothpaste to the end of the cotton swab. Remove the excess toothpaste applied on the side of the screen with a finger. And ultimately, you need to wash your finger with some water.
  • Hold it with your right hand and mobile on your left hand. And then place the covered tip on the screen at the left side of the crack.
  • Press down carefully and softly as such it should cover the whole length of the crack.
  • Finally, remove the tip once after the other side of the crack is reached. Discard the swab without any fail.
  • At last, place the softy cloth aside for several minutes.
  • Check whether the screen crack is still visible or solved successfully. Most of all, will not see the crack appeared on the screen. If you see, then repeat the entire procedure more carefully and get rid out of the issue.
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