galaxy s5 won't charge

How to Fix Galaxy s5 won’t charge

Samsung Galaxy s5 Won’t Charge

Galaxy s5 won’t charge: The term Samsung is one of the ultimate and branded mobiles that has been released all over the world. Samsung company have been started introducing advanced features and releasing frequently in the market. That means growth was rapidly increasing and grabbing the user’s attention without fail. If the user faces any kind of troubleshoot issue, then people can look for the customer care center. And many people have come up with the issue say Samsung galaxy s5 won’t charge. We are here to provide the best solution for Samsung galaxy s5 not charging in different ways. Maximum users started experiencing the issue looking for the exact solution. The user can have a look at the current tutorial for the best solution.

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For instance, most of the Samsung mobiles are coming into the market including inbuilt batteries. Today there are various Samsung customer care centers and if the issue gets raised then can contact by walking into the nearby customer support teams. This article mainly helps you to identify the best solution for galaxy s5 not charging for free and also like Samsung s7 won’t turn on issue. The following are the easy steps where one can access and every technician follows the same whenever the user is likely to walk in. The user can have a look at the current tutorial and access for free. So that can easily solve galaxy s5 wont turn on without any technician help.

galaxy s5 won't charge

5 Simple Methods for galaxy s5 won’t charge

The following are the simple steps and are very accurate in finding out the problem raised in Samsung galaxy s5 won’t charge. And these can be categorized as mentioned below:

  • How to fix the overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy S5, which results in not charging.
  • Installation process for Galaxy Charging Current
  • Update of software
  • Booting your Galaxy S5 into Safe mode

Fix the Overheating problem on Galaxy s5 results in not charging

  • The very first step is one has to make sure as they were carrying the original charger. This is because charging the electronic gadgets with the different voltage parameters causes the Samsung galaxy s5 not charging in a proper way.
  • Plug in your mobile to the original charger and do not turn the phone as sometimes it takes a long time to charge. If your phone does not get charged, then it is definitely related to either broken charging cable or there might be some problem in it or else the contacts available are not cleaned.
  • Check the charger port by connecting to other Samsung mobile so that one can find out the exact problem whether it is related to phone or charger.
  • One has to verify the contacts whether they were clean or not. As because sometimes it may contain the cache that should be clear at times.
  • One can also clean the port with the help of small needle to remove the tiny dust particles. This job has to be done carefully as the port should not get damaged.


Installation process of Galaxy Charging Current

 To fix such kind of issue, an individual can download the Galaxy charging current. Now you can verify whether it is charging or not. As such can solve galaxy s5 wont charge with no doubt in clear and understandable format.

Update of software

This is most advisable to update the software frequently at the time of getting new version available for fixing the problems. To do so, one has to carefully follow the steps mentioned below and easily get rid out of samsung galaxy s5 wont charge issue in a simple way.

  • The very step is to connect to WiFi network,
  • Then navigate to settings.
  • Now, one has to click on about device.
  • The very next step is to click on software update.
  • Finally, Click update.

samsung galaxy s5 won't charge

So that it helps you in solving the samsung s5 wont charge issue within the time frame.

Booting the Galaxy S5 into safe mode

Even though you get fail to solve galaxy s5 not charging issue, then the user must initiate to boot the Galaxy S5 into the safe mode helps in verifying if the third party app is the reason caused the issue. All these third party apps get disable temporarily in this mode if identified. Follow the below steps carefully to perform without any fail.

  • The very first step is to turn off the phone.
  • One need to press as well hold the power button.
  • The user has to release the power button at the time of issue raised as Samsung s5 not charging on the home screen.
  • Once after releasing the power key, press the volume down key immediately and one has to continue holding the same.
  • Make sure that do not release the volume key until your smart phone starts restarting.
  • You can see the safe mode which will appear on the screen.
  • Now, one has to release the volume key.

galaxy s5 not charging

So in this safe mode, one has to plug in the phone and has to check if it was charging or not. If it doesn’t get a charge, one has to uninstall the third-party apps. If the slow charging issue gets raised in safe mode, then has to perform a factory reset. Before doing so has to do backup all the confidential and necessary data, this process generally deletes the complete information. And acts as the ultimate solution for samsung s5 not charging
issue without any fail.

Backup the Whole Data

Once after the completion of above steps, do backup the whole data. As such this is very much important for every user very well. Follow the steps carefully and get the data in the more successful way.

  • The very first, go to settings.
  • Click on backup and reset it.
  • And very next, the user has to verify the whole options likewise backup my data, backup account, automatic restore.
  • Thereafter one has to perform factory data reset.
  • Click to reset the device.
  • If you have set the PIN code, ask us to enter immediately.
  • Then click to continue the process.
  • And select delete all at a stretch.


Finally, we are here to provide certain steps for why won’t my Samsung galaxy s5 charge and one has to follow the above instructions carefully. If you have any doubts raised, comment in the below section. If you like the article can share on social networking sites. visit PhoneGnome for more information

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