note 4 keeps restarting

Fix Note 4 Keeps Restarting or Rebooting Randomly

Galaxy Note 4 Keeps Restarting

As per today’s market statistics, Samsung is one of the best and familiar brands that plays a significant role all over the market. Dealers are responsible for solving the troubleshoot issues in a greater way. Note 4 has been designed and come up with the best features attracting the various individuals. The growth of Samsung note 4 has been increased in a very short span of time. Also, has the option of saving the life of the battery in a greater way. But today there are various complaints filed under the issue note 4 keeps restarting. One common issue encountered among them is none other than the boot loop issue. At where the galaxy note 4 keeps restarting appears on the screen continuously. You can also check note 4 won’t turn on for the Samsung devices.

It might sometimes standstill in the boot loop, as per the device powering off, and repeatedly it gets to appear for a longer time. And here we go by having a look at error displaying as Samsung note 4 keeps restarting. We here provide the best solutions for either when the screen get struck or rebooting at random in that situation, one can use the following methods to get rid out of the issue. And at times it may cause some issues likewise Not properly get registered in the network, Galaxy’s getting Slowly Charged Notification error, and Slow WLAN Issue, No Signal, and much more. Whatever it might be, note 4 keeps restarting error encountered and being spread all over the market.

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Note 4 Keeps Restarting

5 Simple methods for why does my note 4 keep restarting

Nowhere one should get worried about the issue note 4 keeps rebooting. We here guide you in providing the best solution and one has to follow these instructions carefully without any fail. As such, every individual or the technician follows the same and available 24/7 at customer care centers. One can have a look at the current tutorial and access the methods for free.

  • Problematic installed Apps
  • Corrupted OS
  • Touch Wiz Conflicting along with firmware
  • Is the Phone Over Heating
  • Installing the Android Update

Problematic Installed Apps 

The problems like note 4 random reboot encountered due to the installation of third-party apps. The most significant step one has to do is performing the phone in a safe mode.  But as per the mobile condition, the phone itself gets stop from running. If Samsung note 4 keeps rebooting even after the completion of updating, all the third-party apps are said to be responsible for causing an error. One has to follow the instructions carefully and boot the phone in safe mode. You can also solve the issue when your Samsung s7 won’t turn on or turns off immediately.

note 4 -keeps -rebooting

  • The very first step one has to off the phone completely.
  • Thereafter press and hold the facility key as well the volume down key without any fail.
  • Once your phone gets started in order to boot up, then leave the key and continue holding the volume down button so that the phone completes the process of the restart.
  • Once after the completion, note 4 is said to be in safe mode.
  • And you can see the safe mode appearing on the lower-left corner successfully.

Corrupted OS 

At times, all the firmware updates get cause incompatibility or corrupt the Operating system itself. This might cause galaxy note 4 keeps restarting error. If you change the mobile software system, one has a chance in order to revert back to the complete stock. And the best solution to do is factory reset. One can restore the phone settings back to default. An individual has to note the point as they should be sure in doing the simple procedure and producing the backup of entire information likewise photos, videos, contacts, and much more before we are going to begin.

Touch Wiz Conflicting with Firmware 

For suppose if the phone is not able to root up even after the completion of the update process, the new system catches the cause of an issue galaxy note 4 keeps rebooting. One has to delete and see that the device can work for more. One has to perform booting the phone in recovery mode and thereafter one has to select the wipe cache partition.

galaxy- note 4- keeps- restarting

Is the Phone Over Heating

Many of the android devices are designed to shut down automatically when it reaches the heat threshold. This was built in order to prevent the damage of the internal components of the device. This overheating may occur when the hardware malfunctions. For example, in case if the battery is damaged, it can produce the abnormal heat level that may occur in overheating. If you run too many apps simultaneously then also there will a chance of overheating for the device, especially when the device is continuously in that state. In this case, you need to reboot the device.

Installing the Android Update

Many of the users get this reboot issues when they try to install the new updates, actually before going to update the device, you need to reboot the device and then install the new updates, You need to factory reset first and then restore all the operating system on the device and set the app setting to default. You can see the below steps for how to factory reset note 4:

  • First, turn off the galaxy note 4 devices.
  • Now press and hold the volume up and home keys together.
  • Press and hold the power key.
  • When the note 4 vibrates, then release both the buttons but continue holding the volume up button.
  • It displays the Android System Recovery on the home screen, then releases the volume up key.
  • Now select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” using the volume down key. Use the power key to select it.
  • Choose “Yes – Delete All User Data” with the volume down key and press the power key to reset it.
  • Highlight the “Reboot System Now” and hit the power key.
  • This will restart your device and then you need to step up note 4.

In case if none of the above methods work on this then you need to assume that there is a defect in the hardware system of the device. Simply visit the service center to solve the issue regarding note 4 randomly restarts.


Finally, we have come up with the different and optimal solutions of note 4 restarting. And we are here to guide in solving the issue encountered as galaxy note 4 keeps rebooting itself in a more accurate way.  One has to follow the instructions carefully and can access for free at any time. As a result, you can Visit PhoneGnome for more information.

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