Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped

Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped Error

Unfortunately, Touchwiz Has Stopped

In more recent days, Samsung has come out from the issue unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped. As such we have seen various improvements in the galaxy but the users got disappointed due to the software running on all these smartphones. This mainly includes the various touch wiz home launcher that might slow down further and cause touchwiz home stopped issue. Also, it lags the complete time and become unresponsive. The very simple solution one has to do is using some other launcher available in the Google play store. Most of the users choosing in order to stick the stock Touchwiz home launcher and resolve the issues with the help of the current launcher in a greater way.

An individual can see the very common issue say touchwiz home has stopped. One has to restart the device in order to get rid out of it in the easiest way this is same as the lg g5 won’t turn on issue. But even though you face the same, has to think in solving the issue in a very different way.  We here provide you the best steps in solving touchwiz has stopped in a greater way. The below steps help the individuals to work on all Samsung smartphones either it might be running on Android likely Gingerbread, JellyBean, KitKat or Lollipop and much more. Mostly, this issue touchwiz has stopped encounters at the time of switching from one app to home screen. The other issues also arises as touchwiz keeps crashing and the device is not perfect. Or making an attempt to delete any of the pages from the home screen or also when you try to close the app.

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Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped

Touchwiz has stopped

Maximum users felt very much bad and demand for providing the update in Samsung mobile services. And the users started thinking about the reason of causing an error touchwiz home keeps stopping behind it. At times the error touchwiz has stopped working might cause due to the some unwanted as well the 3rd party apps and if they get stuck on spam apps or the touchwiz launcher may not work enough as a firewall and much more. We here to recommend to add the device in Google play store very much careful and put your mobile safe from all the other spam or unused apps without any fail also you can see taskbar not working windows 10 error in systems and laptops. And remember that at any time it might be, one has to keep an eye on the TouchWiz update too. 

Steps for unfortunately touchwiz Home has stopped

We here provide the best steps that help to get rid out from the touchwiz home has stopped working issue in a greater way. One can access the tutorial for free and solve in a greater way. Follow the below steps carefully and do so.

touchwiz- keeps -crashing

  • The very step one has to go to settings and choose the home screen mode.

touchwiz- keeps- crashing

  • Thereafter one has to choose the easy mode and click on apply.
  • So that the screen gets refresh and pops again within several seconds. And the error touchwiz keeps crashing gets solve in the easiest way.
  • If not try another way of changing the animation scale available on the developer option.
  • To do so, one has to put the animation scale at back.
  • As such the error is related to the drawing of various objects likewise icons, pages and much more available on the screen.
  • Even though if you face the same, follow the path shown in next step.
  • Go to settings page-> choose developer option

unfortunately- touchwiz- has- stopped

  • And then select Window Animation scale and then select .5x to 5x or any without any fail.

touchwiz- has- stopped

  • And also one has to try changing the transition animation scale or also one can change animator duration scale setting without any fail.

touchwiz -home -keeps- stopping

  • We assure that it definitely does work and one can get rid out of the issue in a perfect way.

Along with this you can 

  • Go to home screen and click on tap apps.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Applications and tap application manager.
  • Swipe right to screen
  • Find touchwiz and click on that.
  • Tap on clear cache.
  • Click on clear data and then select Ok.

Now you will clear the touchwiz home has stopped error by following all these methods carefully.


Finally, we are here to provide certain steps for touchwiz has stopped working in a detailed way with this you can get the solution for the error Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped. One has to follow the above instructions carefully and do so. If you have any doubts get raised, comment in the below section. And If you like the article can share on social networking sites and also with friends in a more successful way. Visit PhoneGnome for more information.

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