Galaxy S7 Won’t Turn on? Try these 5 Fixes

Fix Samsung s7 Won’t Turn on issue

Samsung s7 won’t turn on: Today When we come to smartphones, Samsung is playing a crucial role in introducing the new features in the market. Samsung dealers had come up with the best features attracting the customers in such a way where every user is very much likely to buy. At last Samsung s7,  had come up with excellent features and also high-performance competing in the market. The device is considered as one of the best suitable gadgets for all the users. And it has the best functionality and saves the life of the battery in the greater way. Recently, the users had come up with the issue galaxy s7 won’t turn on and this was the complaint encountered by various users at t]he Samsung support centers.

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The growth of the Samsung mobiles increased rapidly. For instance, various mobiles got released with an inbuilt battery and if any issue gets raised, the Samsung users can walk in at any time to the customer care centers. As per the users, the phone gets a black screen and will not able to turn the mobile. We are here to solve such kind of issue and fix it with the help of few methods discussed in this tutorial. The following are the few steps for solving the troubleshooting issue say Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on. Every technician follows the same at the support centers. One can have a look at the current tutorial and access for free.

samsung s7 won't turn on

5 Methods to resolve “Samsung s7 won’t turn on” issue

The following are the simple steps and are very accurate in finding out the problem raised in my Samsung galaxy s7 won’t turn on. We are here to provide the best solution and these can be categorized as mentioned below:

  • Force Boot
  • Charge the device
  • One has to remove SD Card
  • Boot the phone in safe mode.
  • And Boot the device in recovery mode.

Force Boot

This is one of the best solutions provided for the galaxy s7 screen won’t turn on. An individual has to make an attempt for solving such an issue encountered in smartphones. Force reboot is very simple as removing the battery and placing it back in the same position. This is possible for Samsung mobiles that have an option of battery removal. But for galaxy s7, every user has to press the power key and volume down key at a time about 10-15 seconds. If the issue gets solved, no method or technician is required for solving the issue. Follow the below methods even though you face the same issue.


Charge the device

This is the second method for solving the galaxy s7 screen won’t turn on. This might be due to the battery dead and the device must charge about at least 10-15 minutes. One has to try pressing the power key until the screen responds. If you still have the same issue charge for a few more minutes to get the device turn on. And finally, perform again the Force reboot process.

Remove SD Card

Another method to solve the troubleshoot issue says my galaxy s7 won’t turn on is through removing SD card. The user has to do so because of the corrupted or damaged SD card. So every user needs to remove the SD card and also the SIM card once after completing the force reboot. Verify again whether the problem encountered is solved or getting the same. So that one can proceed further.

Boot the device in Safe mode

The galaxy s7 won’t turn on red light might be due to the several apps which are not safe for the device. In that case, one definitely needs to boot the device so that it temporarily disables all the third-party apps without any fail. For doing as such, press on power key and hold it for few seconds until the Samsung s7 gets appear on the display. Then after releasing the power key and continue holding the volume down key. Press continuously till the device finishes the process of rebooting.


Once after the completion of rebooting, you can have a look safe mode that presents at the bottom left corner of the screen. An individual has to use the device for a certain time frame in the presence of safe mode. If there are no issues encountered, then the third party apps are responsible for getting the Samsung won’t turn on. Delete such apps permanently so that one can make sure as the issue does not repeat again.

Boot the device in Recovery Mode

An individual also has a chance to boot the device in recovery mode. This must be done when the user is facing the issue galaxy s7 screen won’t turn on. This is another alternative for solving the issue at the time where the user unable to boot in safe mode. The simple way is one has to go for rebooting present in recovery mode. Then one has to wipe cache partition. For doing so, follow the instructions carefully mentioned below.

  • The very first step is to press and hold the power key, and volume up altogether for a few seconds.
  • Thereafter, the screen displays Samsung galaxy s7 logo, and release the power key.
  • A few seconds later, one can notice the Android logo appeared on the home screen, as of now release both the keys and wait for 30-60 seconds.
  • Now, use the volume down key for highlighting the option and select it through the power key.
  • It entirely wipes the cache by selecting the wipe cache partition. This takes a certain time to complete the entire process.

After the completion of the process, this comes back to working condition without any fail.

galaxy s7 screen wont turn on

These are the methods that help to solve the issue encountered as galaxy s7 won’t turn on a red light. Even though you face the same, this is simply caused due to any of the impairments or damage regarding the hardware available in smartphones. To get solved further, directly contact the technicians available all the time in customer support centers.


Finally, we have come up with 5 different and optimal solutions that help to solve the issue encountered as Samsung s7 won’t turn on. The present tutorial help to identify and solve in a very simple way. One can access for free. If you have any doubts raised, comment on the below section. Visit PhoneGnome for more information.

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