Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating issue resolved

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating issue

Galaxy s6 overheating: Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most famous and advantageous available in the market. With its design, look as well the features, said to be an immediate hit among the consumers. This model consists of an improved user interface, great design but still has some bugs. As such, there are various mobiles coming up with inbuilt batteries. The growth of Samsung got increased more rapidly and added the best features especially to attract the users. One can have a look at the current article and access it for free.

And more recently, most of the users have come up with a lot of complaints regarding Samsung s6 overheating issues same as the note 5 not charging issues. This issue has been raised once after running the more heavy games as the user use for several hours or at times no reason to do so. If any troubleshooting issue got raised, people can look for customer care centers. We are here to provide the best solution for the issue galaxy s6 edge overheating. Follow the below methods and make an attempt to solve the galaxy s6 getting the hot issue before walking near to the technician.

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Steps To Fix Galaxy s6 overheating issue

One can follow any method to fix for Samsung galaxy s6 edge overheating and we are here to provide the best solution that helps to solve in a greater way and also see the Samsung s6 won’t charge issue. Follow the steps carefully and access it as per your need.

  • Restart the mobile.
  • Being in Safe mode.
  • Wipe cache partition.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Lowering down the whole screen brightness.
  • Crosscheck all the apps as which app consuming more and more power.
  • Factory reset.

Restart the mobile

This is one of the easiest ways that helps to fix phone overheating galaxy s6 issue. One has to restart the mobile and wait for several minutes. This might help you to fix the Samsung galaxy s6 edge overheating bug in a very short span of time.

Being in Safe mode

This is the other method that helps to solve the issue raised as Samsung galaxy s6 overheating and one can check as well restart the phone available in safe mode. An individual can allow in using the phone at the basic state and at the time of purchasing, there will be no apps installed in it. Before going to safe mode, follow the below steps without any fail.

  • The very first step turns off the Galaxy S6 phone.
  • One has to press the power button and switch it o again.
  • Once you see the Samsung Galaxy S6 logo, then need to press the volume down button and keep it by pressing till the phone gets loaded.
  • If you have been succeeded in doing so, one can see the safe mode logo available at the left corner of the Galaxy S6 screen.
  • And thereafter one can make use of the phone for some time. If you are phone does not get heated up then the third-party app is the main cause for s6 edge overheating issue.
  • Then the next minute one has to follow is uninstall the third-party apps one by one and start again with those you have been installed recently or else can perform the factory reset.

Wipe cache partition

Once after removing the third-party apps, one can try in cleaning the cache stored on the device. One has to do so as temporary files get deleted without any fail. So deleting the cache does not affect the personal files as well the data. An individual can make a trial in wiping the cache in order to fix the Galaxy S6 overheating issue excluding the personal data. One has to clean up the cache and it is quite easy in Samsung Galaxy S6 frequent intervals. Follow the below steps carefully without any fail.

  • One has to turn off the Galaxy S6.
  • And Once you turned off, press and hold the power, home buttons as well volume up buttons altogether and keep them pressed till you see the Samsung logo as well the recovery text written in the blue color.
  • One has to navigate the option using the volume up as well as the down key. Thereafter go to the wipe cache partition and select the power button.
  • Wait for several minutes.
  • Go to the reboot system and select with the help of the power button.
  • Therefore phone gets restarted in normal mode as well as eliminating the Samsung overheat issue in a greater way.

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Reboot the Phone

Well, for all the overheating cases that exactly happen spontaneously and without any such reason, perform a restart or reboot the whole device that completely helps. And must and should try to restart the phone for once a while of every 2 days in order to refresh the whole system perfectly.

Lower Down the Screen Brightness

This is one more option that Lets the whole screen remains the same for a certain period. And this can heat up the device although it should not get overheated. Under all such normal circumstances, do heat the complete screen which can quickly solve once you turn it off. If it is still the same, then turn off the screen when you nowhere use it. Thus, It will not only add to the heat issue but also help to lengthen the life of your battery successfully.

Cross Check all the apps as which consume more power

Here the user needs to check all the apps used too much of power. So that might help you to solve this overheating issue. In most of the cases, all these same apps will contribute to overheating. That is the reason, you need to be sure to go to the following path. Go to Settings->Device maintenance->Battery to check the whole status. for instance, if you noticed an app that is consumed a lot and too much power aside from the system apps, then definitely be sure to uninstall it. This is how you can solve the issue in the most simple way.


Factory reset

Follow the above methods carefully and even though you face the same, then one has to choose a factory reset on the phone. It will delete the entire user data so one has to be sure in preparing the backup of all the confidential data before choosing the factory reset. Follow the below steps carefully and try to solve the Samsung galaxy s6 overheating issue.

  • The very first step is one has to switch off the Galaxy S6.
  • Now use the procedure mentioned above in order to go for the recovery menu.
  • Then go to wipe data or the factory reset and press the power button.
  • Go back to factory settings and one can see that the entire data has been erased without any fail.

If you still face the overheating issue, then one has to simply walk into the customer care centers and can take the help of a technician for further use.


Finally, we are here to provide certain steps for the Samsung s6 overheating issue. And one has to follow carefully to do so in a perfect way. If you have any doubts get raised, comment in the below section. If you like the article can share on social networking sites and therefore visit PhoneGnome for more information.

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