Xbox One Won’t Turn on? Try these 5 Fixes

xbox one won't turn on

Xbox won’t turn on Errors

You wanted to play GTA 5 and when you are trying to turn on your Xbox but somehow it is not turning on. Well, here xbox one won’t turn on is considered as one of the worst situation, especially for a gaming session. Not only does but also it spoil the time set aside for the gaming. Do you facing xbox one wont turn on and vexed up with the dropping hundreds of dollars or more on malfunctioning Xbox one. Don’t worry. I am here to direct you in different possible ways.

In recent days, as per the updates, the company has fixed various bugs encountered. Moreover, most of all the times, the bugs are evolved due to the console and users experienced it in a bad way. So here we go with many fixes that help to solve in a very short span of time. In final, you can follow the below simple troubleshooting steps, trace out and fix them in a more successful way.

xbox one won't turn on

Possible Solutions To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On

Are you looking for the best workable solution to fix xbox one will not power on? Here we go. This might due to the power supply, LED indicator, orange light error, overheating and much more. So go for the below steps, try it out and get success in solving the troubleshooting issues.


  • Power supply issues
  • Overheating
  • Stuck in Power Saver Mode?
  • Avoid the future power supply issues
  • Instand on power mode.
  • No Additional Surge Protector

Power supply issues

Here are the issues caused due to the power supply. Is the power supply plugged in? If yes need to crosscheck to get rid out of the xbox one won’t turn on but beeps issue. The most significant aspect is it has its own surge protector in the power supply. So to reset the power supply and little reboot to fix the issue very well. To do so, follow the simple steps shown here.

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  • Firstly, unplug the power supply from both the console as well the wall.
  • Just put it aside for a while which will be the universal time for all the gadgets in order to reset themselves accurately.
  • Now reconnect to the console as well the wall.
  • You need to be sure that the plug will be firmly secured to both the ends.
  • Moreover, the wall plug must go directly into the wall.
  • Make an attempt at turning the console on.
  • Do crosscheck the LED indicators.


By doing power supply reset, move to the LED power indicator and verify it throughly. The Steady white light indicates the console receiving power and supply brick working status very well. And solid orange light indicates all the power supply is at the energy saving mode and stick to the power saver mode. For instance if the orange light flashing, the ultimate power supply is not working and lead to xbox one won’t turn on power brick orange in a proper way. And still you face the same, replace with the new one.


Is xbox one will not turn on? Is the cause all due to overheating? It causes only when the internal fans experience interruptions. So to avoid such issues, need to place the console in a cool and ventilated place. Moreover, take care as no objects will be too close to the console lead to blocking of internal fans. So if you receive and face such issue, turn off the console and wait for several seconds in order to turn it on back.

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Got Stuck in Power Saver Mode?

Does it face xbox one power brick orange steady, even though supplying enough power to turn on? This means there is a potential fix and will be more beneficial when you buy the new one. So follow the below steps.

  • Disconnect the cable which runs from the brick to the console. Be sure as you have unplugged only at the end that goes directly to the power supply/
  • Reconnect till it gets started and hear the crackling sound.
  • Now move the cable till the LED indicator changes from orange to the white.
  • Keep on a try powering on the console.

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Avoid Future Power Issues

The xbox one won’t power on might be due to the cause of some future power issues. As here you need to run down ensuring the safety of these hazardous things.

Instant-On Power Mode

Allows the console to power on by itself for more updates and game installs. Also, may cause power failures while turning on the console. So in order to turn it off, follow the below steps.


  • Firstly, open the xbox one.
  • Go to all settings available there.
  • Switch to the power mode from instant on to the energy saving mode.
  • Restart the xbox one.

All these steps and methods might help you in getting rid of the issue very well. So follow them carefully and solve in an accurate way.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you are cleared about the concept xbox one not turning on and solved successfully. As a result, if you face the same, feel free to share your problem with us. I am here to guide by providing another method to solve xbox one turns on then off issue very well. Thank you for the visit. Stay tuned with PhoneGnome for more latest updates.

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