Xbox One Power Brick Blinking

Xbox One Power Brick Blinks Orange White🟧⬜ : 5 Way To Rescue

It is no fun when your favorite gadget suddenly stops powering up.

No matter how much you love RGB flashing, this Orange/White disco is guaranteed to give everyone a headache.

So, let’s decode the LED lights on your Xbox One power brick.

What do all the LED lights on Xbox One power brick mean?

No Light turns on

This means that the power is not reaching the PSU brick. Reason may be either:

  • There is no power in the wall socket, or
  • The power adapter plug is broken or not connected properly, or
  • The power cable is broken or not connected properly, or
  • The power brick is broken and need replacement.

LED flashing Orange and White

This means that the power brick is receiving power but is not able to power the xbox. Reason may be either:

  • Either of the power cables is faulty or not connected properly, or
  • The power brick is faulty and need replacement, or
  • Some issue in the power outlet like fluctuations in voltage, or
  • Some issue in the console unit preventing it booting up.

Steady Orange Light.

A solid orange light indicates that the power supply is working fine, but has cut power to protect the console. This is also knowsn as energy-saving mode (or surge mode).

Steady White Light

A solid white light indicates that the power brick is receiving proper power supply from the wall socket, and the console is observing sufficient power from the brick too. Everything is working perfectly from the power supply pack, and you are good to go.

If your xbox wont turn on irrespective of the orange light, You may follow this article to diagnore and fix it: Xbox One won’t turn on.

How to fix flashing orange and white lights in an Xbox One power brick

Let’s talk about the possible reasons for the Xbox One power brick blinking Orange and White and solutions for each situation.

It is advisable to try these solutions in the given order only.

Xbox One Power Brick Blinking Orange and White
Xbox One Power Brick Blinking Orange and White

1. Stop using power strip, surge protector, and try a new outlet

Many Xbox users ignore the possibility that a surge protector be actually bad for their beloved gaming console.

A power strip is oftern ignored while diagnosing the Xbox power issues. Escpecially when it was working fine for all this time.

Needless to say that a wall outlet which was perfect for your xbox may have turned bad in the meanwhile.

A bad source of power is often the reason behind orangle flashing light in your power supply unit.

If you are using a surge protector, remove it. Your Xbox does not need it as it has one built in.

If you are using an extention strip (which also may have a surge protector built in), try plugging in your Xbox One power brick directly into the outlet.

And finally, try a different power outlet in your home to plug in your Xbox for testing.

2. Avoid loose connections in the power cords

This is a surprisingly common reason for blinking orange light sequence.

Just take a look at your power cables’ connections.

  • Are they fully and properly connected?
  • Is there any wiggle room?
  • Is there any sparking when you twist the connection a little?

Both the power cables must be fully plugged in to the power brick, and the console/power outlet respectively.

If any of the connections are too loose to generate a spark, or too tight to fully insert, it would be advisable to replace the respective cable with a new one.

To ensure that a particular power cable is causing the flickering, you may borrow the same cable from a friend to test.

3. Check if the power brick itself is faulty

Once you have eliminated a faulty power input, check if the power brick is working or not.

Borrow an Xbox One from one of your friends and:

  • Use borrowed power brick (with cables) to power up your Xbox.
  • Use your power brick (with cables) to power up your friends’ Xbox.

If none of your friends have a working Xbox (or power supply unit), you may visit a local repair shop.

It is very likely that the power brick is the reason behind this flickering light.

A power brick may break because of several reasons and generally has 5 years of life span compared to the 10 years life of console unit.

If your Xbox powers properly with a another power brick, you would need to buy a new one which is guaranteed to fix the orange flickering light issue.

Since, Microsoft no longer provides any service or support for Xbox One, and does not sell replacement parts, you will need to buy one from a trusted Amazon seller.

4. Check if the exhaust fan in the console is stuck

If in the step above, a replacement power unit does not fix the orange light, it starts to become serious.

Xbox One is designed to protect itself from overheating as a top priority.

So, if the ventilation isn’t working properly, or the fan is jammed, Xbox will not risk turning on at all.

To fix the cooling of Xbox console, you should clean it thoroughly with a air blower, canned air or hair dryer. (while using hair dryer keep temperature low or it would melt some components.)

If you feel comfortable opening the case of the console with a screw driver, go ahead. Opened case would be much easier to clean.

After cleaning the console, screw up the case, plug it in, and test again.

5. Power Cycle (Reset) the Xbox console.

In rare cases, the issue may not be in the power brick but in the console itself. A certain xbox settings or even cache files may be preventing it from booting up.

Performing a factory reset via Power Cycle on xbox is not difficult. You may lose some game data, but there is not much risk because most of your save data is stored on the cloud.

  • First, connect all the cables and hold the Xbox logo button (power button) of your console for 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button and disconnect the power cable from your console for 20 seconds.
  • Now reconnect all the cables and turn the console on.
xbox one working condition

If your Xbox still doesnt turn on, you have no other option but to get it repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Xbox power brick go bad?

Yes. it is very common for power bricks to stop working. In fact, the average lifespan of a power brick is significantly lower than the lifespan of the Xbox console, so it is very likely that you will need to replace your power brick at least once.

How much does Xbox One power brick cost

Microsoft has stopped supporting Xbox One completely since 2020. It means that there is no official source to buy Xbox 360 or any of its accesory anymore. Still some sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, sell replacement units for $30-50 depending on supply.

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