Xbox One Power Brick Blinking Orange and White

Power brick blinking orange & white

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You are here again, because your Xbox One is not ready to turn ON and now the power brick is blinking orange and white and orange too. For the first we won’t ask you not to worry, because as far as Microsoft products are concerned, we cannot guarantee a perfect solution or trick to be foul proof. Microsoft products are way too confusing than any other competitor brands like Sony or Nintendo.

Now you must be missing the person genuinely who told you to choose PlayStaion over Xbox and explained why everyone is picking Sony, how price friendly the games are and the number of both software & hardware issues related with these gaming consoles are so damn less in the whole planet.

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You must have called that person jealous and their theories a gimmick but now you know, they were your real friends and having an uncommon gaming console is costing you every day. Okay now, enough of self-realization, we got to move ahead and play a match too on Xbox One. So, let’s talk about the possible reasons behind the Xbox One Power Brick Blinking Orange and White, and right after the diagnosis, we will talk about the dialysis. Are we not writing too much into medical terminology these days? Doesn’t matter much until we say, sorry we tried our best but couldn’t save your Xbox one.

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Improper or Loose Connections:

The most common reason of why your power brick is having a DJ party inside the black cover. Just take a look if the connection is properly set-up or not. The wire must properly be plugged in to the power brick, the wire coming out of the brick must connect to the gaming console in the right manner.

This blinking is a proof that the console is not getting the right power or maybe it because the console is not able to process the power correctly coming from the power brick. In both the cases, checking all the connection once again is all what we recommend doing first.

Xbox One Power Brick Blinking Orange and White
Xbox One Power Brick Blinking Orange and White

The Brick is Broke:

This is not your Xbox One, that’s the brick which is the reason behind this flickering light. See, what happens that we consider the brick as a very sturdy thing of the whole machine and generally left it laid on the ground all by itself, just because that’s a brick!! But what we need to understand is, that this item may look like a brick but at the end of the day, it’s an electronic thing.

There are wires and other material inside it, which may lose their right place if get strongly stuck or hit by something. So, if your connections of all the cables are rightly done, then having a broken-down brick could be the reason. You have no option but to buy a new one, we cannot recommend you to open the brick and fix it, as it isn’t safe for you and for the Xbox One as well.

The Exhaust Fan is Stuck:

You must consider yourself lucky if all the connections are checked as good and the brick is working normal too, then the reason of such failure is the exhaust fan inside the Xbox One. Trust us when we say that buying an original power cable is still more expensive then fixing the exhaust fan.

Xbox One is designed in such way that the console considers and keep the air ventilation on the top of the priority table. So, if the ventilation isn’t working properly, there is no way your Xbox One will turn ON ever, and you will just witness orange and white light on the power brick whenever you attempt to do that.

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