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How to Fix LG g4 won’t turn on Troubleshoot issue

LG g4 won’t turn on

LG g4 won’t turn on: The LG phones are some of the best or ultimate products available in the market.  These products are designed as such competing all over the market in a greater way.  Every individual is very much likely to buy the product as mobile has come up with the most advanced features. It means growth was rapidly increasing and grabbing the user’s attention in a greater way. If the user faces any kind of troubleshoot issue say LG g4 not turning on, can have a look in finding out the best solution. The user can refer to the current tutorial for free and helps in finding out the best solution.

Today there are various customer care centers available all over the market. And if the issue gets raised like Samsung s6 won’t charge or galaxy s5 won’t charge issues, you can contact by walking into the nearby customer support teams as per their need or requirement.  This article mainly helps you to find out the best solution for LG g4 will not turn on and also like LG g4 stopped working issue. The following are the easy steps as well as methods where one can access and every technician follows the same whenever the user is likely to walk in.

lg- g4 -wont- turn- on

7 Simple Steps for LG G4 phone won’t turn on

Follow the below steps carefully. This helps in finding out the exact solution for my LG g4 won’t turn on the issue. And these can be shown below in a more detailed way.

  • Crosscheck if the problem exists with the battery.
  • Remove the battery and charge again.
  • One has to Inspect the charging port.
  • Wipe cache partition.
  • Do a Factory reset.
  • Restart in Safe Mode.
  • Visit nearby customer care center teams.

Crosscheck if the problem exists with the battery

There might be the chance in getting battery running out of charge or else LG g4 won’t turn on issue. In that case, one has to use the original LG g4 charger. And plug the device into the small socket that helps to charge the device. Thereafter, leave the device for a minimum of 30 minutes and then try to turn the device on. If you see the mobile turning on, then it is said to be in safe mode. Even though you face the same, try to solve considering below mentioned steps without any fail.

lg -g4 -phone- wont -turn-on

Remove the Battery and Charge again

For instance, if the user had come to the conclusion as LG g4 won’t turn on due to some issue related to the battery. Then the user is supposed to replace it with a new battery and before doing so make sure LG g4 dead.  One has to remove the battery from the device and hold the power button for a few minutes to drain the left overcharge. Thereafter again try to reinsert the battery and connect LG G4 with a charger to get the issue solved in a greater way. In this case, if the phone gets turn on then there is no issue related to the battery.

lg -g4- not -turning -on

Still, if you face the same as LG g4 won’t boot upthen the battery is said to be dead and one has to replace it immediately. Even though you face the same, follow the below methods carefully so that one can get out of the issue encountered in the easiest way.

One has to Inspect the charging port

The charging port constitutes a very small inlet including the various sensors and detects the signals to pass them on the device software. At times the port might become dirtier or may fill with junk accumulated all over time. One has to clear all these frequently so that can recognize the cable and current carried by it. One has to remember in cleaning the port to remove tiny particles to a greater extent.

lg g4 wont turn on

Wipe cache partition

Wiping the cache partition is one of the best techniques that help to clean the phone internally in an accurate way. Once you get the lg g4 won’t turn on the issue, the only possible way is to clear the cache available at each app by tapping on a clear cache button available in the Application manager. Also, can be done by booting the recovery mode screen.

lg g4 -won't -turn- on- or- charge

To do so, press the volume button as well the power button all together till you see the screen with various options. It is said to be a recovery mode screen. No one has to use the volume down key for scrolling down as well select the Wipe cache partition spontaneously. Once the process gets completed, select the reboot system which is the first option available at the recovery mode screen.

Do a Factory reset

The Factory reset genuinely helps at the time of getting the issue LG phone won’t turn on. But make a note as this procedure has the chance of deleting entire data and device settings. Be sure before choosing the Factory reset technique. Do the same as scrolling down the volume key and select the factory reset through the power key. Now, the user has to reboot the mobile by selecting the first option available on the recovery mode screen.

lg- g4- will- not- turn- on

Restart in Safe Mode

When the user starts facing about LG phone won’t turn on issue, one has to consider starting from the safe mode. This helps to enable and identify the actual reason behind the issue and similar issues. For doing so, turn off the LG-> start the recovery mode->  select the safe mode. Wait till the phone reboot with the safe mode provided on the home screen.

lg- phone -wont- turn -on

Visit nearby customer care center teams if lg g4 won’t turn on

Even though you face the same of lg g4 won’t turn on then go to service centers for LG phone won’t turn on the issue, then there is no other possibility. So that one has to visit the nearby technician to get rid out of the issue. So the users are requested to walk-in nearby customer support teams as per their need or requirement without any fail.

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Finally, we are here to provide certain steps for why LG phone won’t turn on. One has to follow the above instructions carefully. If you have any doubts raised, comment in the below section. If you like the article can share on social networking sites. visit PhoneGnome for more information.

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