how to delete documents and data on iphone

How To Delete Documents And Data On iPhone

How to Clear Documents and Data on iPhone

how to delete documents and data on iphone: Are you aware of the steps for how to delete documents and data on iphone? Well, if you are unaware also, no issues. Because I am here to direct you explaining the process of delete documents and data on iphone in step by step procedure. Are you not surprised looking at documents and data iphone? Well, all this generally will consume a lot of storage space. So let me tell you what exactly iphone documents and data mean and what are the steps to be considered while deleting documents and data on iphone.

Fine, first let us focus on what is documents and data on iphone in the more precise way.  Each and every app on your iphone consumes a lot of space-occupying with cache/ sign-in info/ message history/ app related attachments/ much more. Altogether people usually call documents and data. To get a clear understanding of it, let us take an example snapshot. The below image carries about 60MB but the documents and data of the snapshot app considering up to 343MB which in turn is none other than called as a cache.

how to delete documents and data on iphone

How To Delete Documents And Data On iPhone

Well, if you are looking for the steps, then you are at the right place. I am here to direct you for how to clear documents and data on iphone in the simple and easy way of course while doing this you will get itunes error 54 even you can clear that easily. Once after performing steps, the user is asked to re-install it back on your iphone successfully. In this way, you can easily get rid of the issue in short period of time.


  • Open your iphone home screen and type settings in your search bar.
  • Else you can also go directly by seeing the settings icon on your iphone.
  • Scroll down so that you can see the General option available in the form of a list.


  • Now do click on iphone storage.


  • So that you can see the various options and you are required to select the App which is consuming more space on your iphone.
  • Thereafter, open that particular app. Well, now you can see the storage space occupying in KBs.


  • Click on Delete App option appeared at the bottom of the screen by performing a single click.

  • Now you are requested to search for the deleted app on your iphone.
  • Finally, download and install the app again on your iphone.
  • Once the app gets installed, check the storage space whether it is cleared or not. In order to do so follow the below path.

Go to settings page-> open the respective app like snapshot-> do select iphone storage-> Snapshot.

  • You see the space which is automatically got reduced to 49KB.


  • In this way, you can clear documents and data for any of the app successfully.

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How To Remove Documents And Data From iPhone

How to get rid of documents and data on iphone? Well, do we have another method? Yes, here we go with detailed steps.

  • Open a particular app like Facebook for removing respective documents and data successfully.
  • Follow the path provided in clear and well understandable format.
  • Go to Settings-> General-> Settings -> so that you can see the two options appearing as clear watch history and search history.
  • Go perform and do clear the entire documents and data successfully.


How to Delete Documents And Data On iPhone

If you like to perform all the steps successfully without causing any kind of troubleshooting issues, do stream the below video and get succeed in removing the whole documents and data.


Hopefully, you are cleared enough about what are documents and data on iphone and how to delete documents and data on iphone in clear and understandable format. Hence if you like the article, can share with friends and social networking sites. Feel free to share your opinion about how to clear an iphone steps at any time. Keep visiting PhoneGnome for more latest updates. Thank you for your visit.

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