How It Works

Whether you have a traditional land-line, Cable phone service, VoIP phone service, or a service like ooma or MagicJack - the PhoneGnome add-on device connects effortlessly.

Effortless plug-and-play setup

Simply insert the PhoneGnone add-on between your phone service and regular phone, almost like a splitter or intelligent T-connector, to transparently transform your existing phone service.

Connect the PhoneGnone add-on to your broadband Internet router/LAN. Power it up. That's it. There are no drivers to install, no software to configure and no tedious set-up "wizards" standing between you and PhoneGnome bliss.

PhoneGnome works with any kind of phone service, a standard phone line from your local phone company, phone service from your cable provider, broadband phone services such as Vonage, or even phone service from companies like ooma or Magic Jack. PhoneGnome works with any service that connects to a standard telephone using a standard RJ-11 phone cord.

Broadband Internet Required PhoneGnome works with cable, DSL, or any kind of always-on broadband (high-speed) Internet service (90Kbps minimum, 128Kbps or better recommended). A network router is required. PhoneGnome automatically detects and configures the router - No router configuration is required.

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