how to delete contacts on iphone

How To Delete Contacts On iPhone Simple Steps

Delete Contacts On iPhone Simple Steps

how to delete contacts on iphone: Are you the iphone user? And you are facing a bit difficult to delete contacts iphone?/ no delete option on iphone contacts? Then no problem. I will help you out in the simple and easy way. Here we have come up with simple and easy steps for how to delete contacts on iphone in clear and better understandable format. The issue arises when all the contacts of your family member/ friend’s contacts get synchronize into your mobile. Ultimately it turns to a lot of contacts which might be unaware of the person.

And in final, lead to greater confusion and direct us to make wrong calls. So no need to get much stressed out about the issue. As because I am here to tell you about the process in an easy way. The user can do perform iphone delete contacts one by one. Moreover, There is a chance to delete iphone contacts using different methods, also have a look at how to delete documents and data on iphone, Let me tell you as I will provide the best methods in the clear and simple way.

how to delete contacts on iphone

How To Delete Contacts On iPhone Using Different Methods

Well, if you like to prefer the best method then you have landed at right place. There are numerous ways where the user can simply follow the steps carefully and come out of the issue in a more successful way. Then why delay in it friends, let us go, perform and get rid out of the issue within the time frame.


  • Steps For iPhone Delete Multiple Contacts
  • Delete Contacts iPhone Through Contacts App

Delete Multiple Contacts iPhone Using Groups App

Initially, let us concentrate how to install the Groups app on our iphone and what exactly the process to delete all unnecessary contacts on iphone. Here we go. One of the best app available and used by various individuals is none other than Group’s app. Available at iTunes app store.


This is the simple and outstanding tool helps in communicating with all the iphone contacts. Moreover, it is highly rated and achieved best reviews from the users. So if you are worried about how to install, no worries. As I am here to direct you and ultimately can reach your goal.

  • The very first download the app from the provided link. As we provide the link with malware free, you need not get worried about security purpose.
  • Once after the single click, automatically redirects to the download page in the background.
  • Click on it to install on your iphone successfully.
  • Finally, you can see the icon appearing on the home screen.

Steps For iPhone Delete Multiple Contacts

So now we have come to the right place. Let me tell you the most simple and easy steps for iphone deleted all contacts with no fail. Also see error 54 itunes in iphones and ipads.

  • Open the group’s app available on the home screen and enable the read permission for your contacts.


  • Now do open All Contacts from the list.
  • Analyse all the contacts and mark which you don’t require on anytime.
  • And select choose available at the top of the screen.
  • You can see the pop-up and now select delete contacts option without any doubt.


  • In conclusion, Choose to remove in order to confirm.


  • Therefore, you are free enough with your specific contacts and ultimately speeds up your iphone in a more successful way.

Delete Contacts iPhone Through Contacts App

Moreover, using general contacts app is one more simple and most easiest way among the various alternatives. The installation process will be same as I provided above for the Group’s app. If you already has the contacts app, then there is no requirement to install on your iphone right. Well, let us go, focus on the steps which might help when you can’t delete contacts on iphone.


  • Initially, open the contacts app available on the screen. All that you can confirm as the icon appears like a person shaped silhouette with a grey background, filled with color tabs on the right side.
  • You can access all the contacts with a single tap on the icon available at the bottom of the screen.
  • So do click on contacts name which is no more require to you and do delete/edit available at the corner of the upper screen.
  • All this process allows you to make the various changes in contact page including delete option.]
  • Press delete and confirm by tapping again to delete all the unnecessary contacts without causing any kind of the error.


  • If the iphone is connected to iCloud, then no doubt as all the unnecessary contacts get delete successfully.

Simple Steps For How To Delete Contacts On iPhone

Well, if you don’t like to prefer streaming video and learn, then go ahead. Stream now and solve your issue within the time frame through contacts app and clean up tool.


Can’t delete contacts on iphone? Well, hopefully, all these two methods help you out in solving the issue very well.  If you like the article can share with friends/social networking sites. Feel free to discuss if you have any kind of doubt in the process. Keep visiting PhoneGnome for more latest updates. Thank you for the visit. If you like our tutorials can visit out the site again and again for different issues. We come up with easy and outstanding solutions that help you a lot.

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