Xbox One Won’t Turn ON Orange Light

Xbox One Orange light

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So, you are seeing solid orange light on your power brick and your Xbox One is not ready to turn right. We have told you multiple times to leave the greed and switch to other brands like Sony and Nintendo, but you are still at Microsoft, hoping for a pat on your back by once world’s richest man Bill Gates. Nothing is going to happen like that, he don’t even play games on any of his Xbox.

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Orange light on the power brick indicates about the on-going issues with the electric circuit either inside the Xbox system or outside, or sometimes even both (if you are that unlucky by any chance). Before working on this issue, it is mandatory to diagnose why the Xbox One won’t turn ON orange light?

# Why Xbox One Won’t Turn ON Orange Light?

Your expensive Xbox One gaming console comes with built-in surge protection system in it, that means whenever the system observes a voltage fluctuation or anything that may damage your Xbox One or the electrical circuit of it, the surge protection will discontinue the power supply, as a result of which, the Xbox One won’t turn ON orange light.

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# 3 Ways to Solve the Issue

The General Approach-

  1. Unplug the power brick from console and from the wall socket as well.
  2. Leave the brick and console idle for at least 10 secs or more if you are patient enough.
  3. Now re-connect all the power cords properly at place as recommended.
  4. Turn your Xbox One ON and check.

Listen What’s the Indicators are Telling-

Xbox One Won't Turn ON Orange Light
Xbox One Won’t Turn ON Orange Light
  1. No LED indicator / orange light flashing.
    This means that the power supply is not reaching the brick, and of course no power is reaching the console as well. You need to first complete the method 1, if that doesn’t work for you, you are left with no option but to replace your power supply pack.
  2. Steady Orange Light.
    The power supply is working fine, and the system right now is in energy-saving mode.
  3. Steady White Light.
    This signifies that the power brick is receiving the correct supply from the wall socket and the console too is observing sufficient power from the brick. Everything is working perfectly from the power supply pack, and you are good to go.

The Unconventional method-

  1. Disconnect the cable side which ends in the Xbox console.
  2. Let the wall socket be connected and unplug the adapter cable halfway disconnected.
  3. Turn ON the power from the wall socket and let it stay ON until you hear cracking sounds on the other end of the cord from the brick.
  4. Wiggle the wire until you see a white light on the brick
  5. Reconnect the cords properly again and this must make you enjoy games on your Xbox One again.

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