Windows Modules Installer Worker Windows 10 High Disk Usage

Frustrated with continuous windows module installer worker windows 10 issue??? Well!!!! Usually, this is a very common issue taking place these days. Before going to the perfect fixes, let me tell you what exactly the system process does. Enabling installation, modification, and removal for windows update and other is its job. Windows 10 automatically get an update at regular intervals.

All the process will undergo background which the user cannot notice it. However, if the user selects update manually or removes some unnecessary components, the issue never takes place. When the user runs, the process finishes and stops using disk resources. All this disappears from running processes in the respective task manager. The time to complete is based on the speed of CPU and storage is.

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Windows Module Installer Worker Windows 10

While you face windows modules installer worker high CPU issues, never mind!!! There are perfect fixes that help to get rid of the issue in a while. Go through one by one and implement it accordingly.

  • Disable Automatic Update Service
  • Tiworker.exe Windows Modules Installer Worker
  • Implement the Booting Process
  • Change Internet Setting
  • Fix Windows Module Installer Worker Windows 10 By Using DISM Tool
  • Using SFC Tool

Disable Automatic Update Service

The windows module installer worker windows 10 encounters when you have some issue with automatic updates running on respective PC. When you stop such updates, there are greater chances of fixing such an issue in a while.

Doing so, windows cannot update automatically till you go with it. Therefore, the windows modules installer worker high CPU will never take place. Just simply follow the below instructions and disable it immediately whenever you notice such errors.

  • Go to the Start-> type as run and press enter-> So that you get a window appearing on the screen.
  • Tapping directly a shortcut key like Windows key +R to get run box in a second is possible.


  • Now mention services.msc and tap on ok to get a service window.


  • Perform a double click on windows update-> set the startup type to disable and click on stop.


  • Tap on apply-> and then ok.
  • All the usage on the respective system will go to normal.
  • If it gets failed to do so, implement the below methods without any fail.

Change Automatic to Manual Update 

This method is very much similar to the above. The only difference you do is changing automatic to manual update. Doing so the process never runs on background automatically. It asks you if any without any fail. As a result, the system never becomes unresponsive. Follow the below steps to implement accordingly.

  • First and foremost, go to Windows-> Run-> type services.msc->ok.
  • Or else go to windows key+R in order to open run command prompt within a second.


  • Go to windows module installer-> double click on it.


  • Locate startup type and change automatic to manual successfully-> Click on ok.
  • Open control panel-> click on windows update-> change settings.
  • Select check for update-> click on ok if any and close all the tabs.

Finally, restart the system and when you check, the option manual update is successfully activated. Never forget to update if any. This is because doing so will fix the whole thing and gathers all the missing resources in a perfect way.

Tiworker.exe Windows Modules Installer Worker

Well!!!! This cause at times when you change automatic update to manual. Tension not!!!! Because nothing is impossible. Any user can fix it in a most simpler way. Remember these encounters due to tiworker.exe. As the files are always connected with Windows update respectively. Follow the below instructions to clear out windows module installer worker windows 10 issue successfully.

  • Go home-> type as troubleshooting in the corresponding search bar.
  • Once the page gets open-> locate view all-> Perform a click on it.
  • Thereafter, click on system maintenance to detect the issues if any.
  • All this process takes for a while and restarts the system so that it fixes the issues more perfectly.

Implement Booting Process

Try to perform a clean boot with the help of Microsoft Configuration tool identified on the respective Windows system. As a result, it finds all the unused or unwanted files on the system. Washing out such files will provide some space and fix windows modules installer worker high CPU issue. To implement this, follow the below steps.

  • Go to Windows logo key+R-> type msconfig on the respective run box.


  • There you go to the startup and select normal-> restart the system as per the on-screen command prompts.


After the successful restart, the windows modules installer worker windows 10 high disk is successfully fixed. If not, try another without stepping back.

Change Internet Setting

Internet setting can be changed in two different ways. Either through Wi-Fi network or using ethernet. Let’s start performing below steps and fix windows modules installer worker windows 10 high disk type of issues.

Using WiFi

  • Go to Start-> Choose Settings-> Network and Security-> Wifi.


  • Perform a click on advanced options-> choose a metered connection.
  • That’s all!!!! Crosscheck does the issue get solve or facing same.

Using Ethernet

  • Go to Windows logo key+R-> so that you get a run box appearing on the screen.


  • Type as regedit-> click on ok.


  • Click on yes if you get a window by user account control.
  • Now at the open window, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> Software-> Microsoft-> Current version-> NetworkList-> DefaultMediaCost-> Right click on it and choose permissions.
  • Click on add-> type the username->enter and choose check names respectively-> click on ok.
  • Perform a double click on ethernet-> set its value data to 2-> ok-> close the respective window.

Restart the system successfully and check the issue. If you still face the same, then the issue is not caused due to the internet settings. Try out other methods to fix windows modules installer worker high disk usage respectively.

Fix Windows Module Installer Worker Windows 10 By Using DISM Tool

Try to fix windows modules installer worker high cpu using DISM tool. Implementing so will check all the errors if any. Perform the below steps to fix with the help of DISM too.

  • Start-> type as command prompt-> run as admin.
  • Now type Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth and enter.
  • Doing so will search all the corrupted files and repair them accordingly.
  • Once the process gets complete, the user can notice a prompt displaying corrupted files were successfully repaired.
  • Close the window and restart the system.
  • That’s all!!!!!

Using SFC Tool

The windows modules installer worker high disk usage can be verified with the help of SFC tool. Performing so will get the information about an issue encountered in the respective system. Follow the below step by step process in order to fix.

  • Go to Start-> Type command prompt in the respective search bar-> run it as admin.


  • Now type SFC/SCANNOW to scan the disk perfectly.
  • Wait for a while till the whole process complete and check the disk space available in the system.
  • If in case, SFC tool found any issue, fixes automatically without any fail.


  • Restart the system successfully.
  • That’s all!!!!


Hope you are cleared enough of all the steps provided for every method. Most of the cases, implementing these methods will resolve the windows modules installer worker windows 10 high disk issue. If not, for any doubts or information can contact us. Like the article, can share with friends and on social networking sites to help them. Thank you. Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials and perfect fixes.

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