Why Facebook Won’t Load? Let’s Make It Work.

Imagine your daily routine without your lovely Facebook on your phone. Tough, isn’t it? Well if it’s not, let me remind you that the Instagram app you are using so proudly in every few minutes constantly is Facebook-owned. Now reconsider the said situation and say that again. Next to impossible, right?

Let’s make Facebook more important for you. The WhatsApp messenger you just checked, belongs to Facebook too. Is there anything left that Facebook doesn’t own? Tell it to Mark Zuckerberg and probably he will end up buying it too by the evening.

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Facebook isn’t just left as a messenger or just people’s connecting platform anymore, it has turned into an identity of your presence on the internet and on earth for the new generation. This giant has risen above the horizon of being a mere app or social media platform. So if you are alive, you got to be on Facebook.

Facebook Not Loading In My Phone.

Why Facebook Won't Load

Being such a massive platform with the user count over 2.5 Billion worldwide and operating in more than 140 languages, attracts countless minor/major issues on a daily basis. Million GB(s) of data is uploaded daily on Facebook would definitely invite malware even after taking all precautionary measures.

Facebook has a huge separate team of engineers to resolve their ever-growing technical issues. No one can shut their eyes off from the fact that the internet has negative aspects too, continuously accepting cookies & cache is troublesome in operations on the phone.

Trouble in loading Facebook and its newsfeed is a general thing nowadays. Let your phone be android or iOS, these page suspensions does not discriminate. However, to solve this issue it’s a different approach altogether in an android phone than for iOS-powered iPhone.

Resolving The Issue.

Different measures/ways are there to resolve this “Facebook won’t load” issue both for iPhone and Android. From the solutions listed down below, at least two or more should work for your device regardless of being any model of any brand.

  • Remove Cache & Cookies:

Open your browser and check its settings for the “privacy” option. Inside the “privacy” bar, you will find an option that gives you access to “Delete Browsing Data”. This browsing data consists of history, cache, site data, cookies, and passwords.

Select them all and push the delete all button or you can delete them separately if you want to save some necessary site data. This method refreshes the whole browsing application and makes it work in a more lite manner.

  • Update The Browsing App:

This is the most common mistake we all commit at some point. Not updating browser may not affect your experience of browsing and surfing for a short period of time but as days pass, the consequences come in existence in the shape of these page loading inabilities.

Almost every browser nowadays offers to update the very moment you open it if any new add up is available. Check for them if it’s not showing in the first hand. Click on the options bar and you will find update notification. Update your browser and enjoy the page as before.

  • Check The Add ons & Plugins:

Sometimes the add ons and plugins we install for specific operations result in a hindrance in loading our favorite websites. There are some specific add ons that refrain the operation or delays it to a longer extent.

The best way to keep this mess away is to find the add ons options in setting and put them “off” and better delete the unknown plugins you consider untrusted.

  • Restarting The Device:

This may sound a little “old school” but this technique still works for our new age devices too. The reason behind this is pretty simple, a backlog of running apps behind the screen makes the device go slow. A website like Facebook takes efforts to run and requires a good amount of RAM.

Restarting the device releases the engaged RAM and refreshes the system by force shutting the background running apps.

  • Try turning off your Anti-virus:

Chances are pretty high that your antivirus is considering the Facebook website a threat and hence refraining it from loading. Moreover, the antivirus system may also categorize Facebook into severe threats and make you receive absolutely no notification.

To check if this is the case, try turning off your antivirus and then try to load Facebook. If Facebook starts loading then it’s time to buy a new antivirus or you can update it if that’s available.

  • Try a different browser:

After clearing all the possible data from your browser and still getting nothing but disappointed in the mission to load Facebook and see what’s going on in the world, it’s time to give another browser a shot.

Yes, this trick may work for you. There are some browsers claiming to be a specialist in dealing with websites like Facebook however, their credibility is generally under the suspicious eye.

  • Checking WiFi Credentials:

May be your internet server is already set to make the access denied for websites like Facebook and Instagram. This generally happens in colleges and institutions where they provide internet to students for studying purposes exclusively.

You must check in the setting of WiFi if the website is dropped under the denied access category and by removing it, you can load & use Facebook again.

This is the last available option. If nothing works for you, give this option a shot. There may be some bug or virus which is not making the Facebook load on your phone, now that bug will be left with no choice but to leave the device.

Resetting the whole device will make it free from all the previous data including all cookies, cache, data and general bugs. Hence proved a strong but brittle option.

The above-mentioned methods hold 100% of the potential to resolve the said issue but if the problem still exists, I would recommend you to visit https://m.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=1523587707651551  This link redirects you straight to the official website of Facebook and more precisely on their answer to the issue.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the Why Facebook Won’t Upload. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

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