How to Watch Deleted Videos on YouTube

Nowadays, So many users have been facing this situation. It usually arises when you were planning to watch your favorite video on youtube and when you go for watching that video, It shows video is unavailable, video is removed and deleted. 

Sometimes it could be frustrating for the users who have been planning to watch their favorite videos for the mind refreshment at the night after the stressful day.

How to watch deleted videos on youtube

So if you are also facing this situation where can’t watch your favorite video on youtube because it is removed or deleted. However, there are some ways or methods through that you can easily watch any deleted videos on youtube

If you are thinking that you have to do some kind of hacking stuff to watch deleted videos on youtube then you are wrong. It can be done through some methods and techniques. 

Here in this article, we have prepared some easy methods by applying them you can easily watch any deleted youtube videos.

3 Easy Methods to Watch Deleted Videos

Here we have prepared 3 easy methods according to the three different scenarios. So just apply the most appropriate method and you’ll be able to watch any deleted videos on youtube.

1.How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos When You Have the Title

If you know the title of the video you were planning to watch on youtube, you can watch the video easily.

Just follow all the steps given below:

Step 1 Visit

Step 2 Type the title of the video in the search box of the YouTube and press Enter or click on the Search button.

Step 3 Look through the search results and find the video you were planning to watch. 

The removed or deleted video would appear in the search result. There are chances that the file would have copies on the Youtube website that were uploaded by other users. Usually, viral and popular videos have tons of copies on youtube.

2. How to find deleted YouTube videos

If the first method was not able to help you deal with this situation, Just don’t worry you still have the chance to enjoy the removed video. If you have the title of the media, you can search for it using search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing, etc. 

YouTube is the largest video hosting platform. However, there are also other video hosting websites that might have the video you wanted to watch but got removed from YouTube.

3. Deleted YouTube videos archive

If you are still facing the issue just don’t worry by applying this method you will able to watch deleted video just follow all the steps given below:

Step 1 Go to the and click on the WayBack Machine logo that you will see at the top of the window.

Step 2 Now Enter the URL of the video in the search box of the Wayback Machine and press Enter.

Step 3 Locate the media you are searching for in the result.

Step 4 Then do Click on one of the dates the media file was registered with and enjoy the video.


I hope this article was informative enough to help you watch the deleted youtube videos. Sometimes we think that the issue is not going to be fixed or it requires hacking to deal with this situation. However, It just requires some guidance and tips. If you are still not able to watch your videos through the above methods, then you might have done something wrong during the procedure of applying these methods. So please read this article again and apply all the methods carefully.

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