Fix if Touch Screen Not Working Windows 10 Error

touch screen not working windows 10

Windows 10 touch screen not working

The Windows 10 is an amazing platform that allows you to navigate the desktop and tablet modes. At times it may lead to the touch screen not working windows 10 issue or the upgrade also one of the causes of the issue. Here we go with simple solutions. And in order to use these, the simple thing everyone has to do is accessing windows.

If the touchscreen won’t work or tablet stops functioning, you need to learn the process to fix windows 10 touch screen not working issue. In order to use the below solutions access to the windows 10. Remember while you use mouse and keyboard by plugging in, the touchscreen might work back again successfully. You can also fix taskbar not working windows 10, So do follow and get rid of the issue very well.

touch screen not working windows 10

Fix Touch Screen Not Working Windows 10 Issue

If you were looking this, then you might get vexed up in solving the issue. Am I right? No problem. I am here to guide you in a more simple way. Well, what might be the best workable solution then? Here we go.

  • Restart the PC.
  • Need to run troubleshooting in order to fix the issue successfully.
  • Do adjust the touchscreen.
  • Disable and re-enable the touchscreen successfully.
  • Update the drivers.
  • Rollback the drivers.

Restart your PC

Restating is the best solution to fix numerous hardware issues in a more successful way. Just make a single attempt can see the drastic change in your system.


Run Troubleshooting To Fix It

  • This method might result in quick and fix in a more easy way regarding asus touch screen not working issue.


  • The simple thing you need to do is search for troubleshooting in your system and select the optimal result.
  • In the new window, tap on view all available at the left side of the menu bar.
  • And from the list, click on hardware and devices.
  • Perform a click on next in order to run the wizard successfully.
  • So that the tool automatically detect the issues and repair them in a more successful way.

Now when the touch screen is getting slow to0 respond or does it becoming slow while recording the gestures inaccurately, there will be the re-adjustment and that in turn speeds up the touch screen very well.


  • The simple thing you do is search for the calibrate in order to perform the job and you can see the new window constituting tablet system settings.
  • Moreover, on the display tab, you need to use the setup, calibrate, buttons in order to see whether it is helpful in resolving the touch screen stopped working windows 10 issue or no.

Disable and Re-enable the Touchscreen

Here are few steps that help to solve windows 10 touchscreen not working issue very well. So follow them carefully and get rid out of this.


  • The first step you need to go to the control panel.
  • View through small icons and select the device manager available in the form of the list. So that can visualize the device manager dialog box in order to disable touchscreen.
  • Do expand the category human interface devices and perform a right click on HID complaint touch screen-> select Disable.
  • Tap yes in order to confirm again.
  • Perform a right click on HD complaint touch screen and select Enable.

Update the Drivers

What exactly does the driver mean? It is a piece of the software that especially helps for the hardware very well. For instance, if it is the touch screen communicate with the system’s processor. It might be due to the faulty driver. By following certain instructions, right click on HID-complaint touch screen and select the update driver software in order to fix asus touch screen not working windows 10 troubleshooting issue.


  • You are asked to search automatically for updated driver software. It scans the Microsoft database for any of the update available for your device.
  • Follow the instructions and then restart and crosscheck whether the issue has solved successfully or no.
  • If not, you simply contact directly moving towards manufacturer website, have a look at the driver’s page, select the device number and then download the latest driver.
  •  Once the driver gets downloaded, it might be able to extract and install automatically. Moreover, you can also select the update driver software once again.
  • But you need to click on browse my system for driver software. And then use browse in order to locate it. Follow up the whole set up and run successfully.

Rollback the Drivers

As we all know, in the windows 1o if you like to update, it updates all the hardware drives too and might fix windows 10 touch screen issues accurately. But the saddest thing is not all drivers work equally. If you think the cause is due to the driver updates, you need to roll back the default without any doubt. Follow the below path provided here.


  • In device manager-> Right click on the HID-complaint touch screen -> choose properties.
  • And now switch to the driver tab-> select roll back driver.

For instance, if you have a knowledge as there is already specific older driver version and not able to get it by performing rollback? Do within the driver-> select uninstall and follow the method very well.


Hope you are cleared about the concept windows 10 touch screen drivers issue very well. For more doubts on touch screen not working windows 10, or if you like to share your opinion about laptop touch screen not working windows 10 feel free to comment on the below section. Moreover, if you like the laptop touch screen not working article, can share with friends/social networking sites. Thank you for the visit. Keep visiting PhoneGnome for more latest stuff.

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