How To Record Calls In iPhone? Let’s Find Out.

  iPhones are simply brilliant masterpiece by apple, we all agree with that but, nobody knows why the tech giant company is not giving their millions of using a simple option to record a call?

Call recording is not a premium service meant to be used by the elite class only nowadays. People do use it in their daily lives for various reasons. Stenographer uses it for listening and typing the records, lawyers use it to understand the case better and listen multiple times for their smart defense.

Imagine, you are getting threat calls from a stranger and you want to report it, in that case, having a call recording would work in your favor or maybe you are a merchant navy officer and you are having a pretty romantic conversation with your girlfriend & you know you will be out of network for the coming few weeks as your ship will be sailing only in the water to reach the other equator.

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Now you want to record this conversation so, that you keep it saved and listen to it later to buck yourself up in the depressing ocean waters. But your iPhone is not cooperating, nothing new about it, iPhones never understood the simple concept of call recording for some alien reasons.

When asked why apple denied adding the call recording feature in the coming future even. According to them, to record a call is a security & privacy concern. People may use it with a malign intention. Recording a call without the consent of the other party is a privacy offence.

Moreover, Apple avoids all the possible reasons which may affect their company’s image in the market. If they start giving the option to record calls, there are chances that someone someday accuses Apple of saving and using their personal calls as the company itself has allowed recording and saving options.

Such an incident has happened with Facebook for using data of its users and selling it to third parties. So, this case even threatens all other companies to not to ask for user’s personal data without their consent and better to stay away from it as much as they can.

Why Do You Need To Record Calls? : Explained.

Looks like you don’t have a girlfriend or your existing girlfriend doesn’t talk in any romantic way with you these days. No problem, we have other examples too to explain to you why you need to record calls at times.

In today’s world, most of the new generation is likely to move out of their houses and leave their parents either for work reasons or privacy reasons. Now, sometimes they miss the special dish their parent used to make for them. Receiving the recipe in a text format is both times consuming & efforts taking, maybe your parent doesn’t like typing on the phone’s keyboard. Missing call recording, don’t you?

Someone is threatening you, you are in danger. You call 911 and tell them that someone you know or you don’t, called you up on your phone and threatened you for life consequences. Those cops receive hundreds of these complaints on a daily basis, more than half of those are fake.

Only evidence can give weight to your case now. Do you have the call recording? If this will be asked by the cops, you would be feeling shame on having an iPhone now as there is no option to record calls.

Don’t worry peeps, we will solve this issue for you, just keep reading the article and solve this tiny issue of your once and for all.

Ways To Record Calls In iPhone.

There are several ways to record calls on the iPhone. People even put their phone’s on speaker mode and start recording the calls through a separate recorder. But will this be counted as a legitimate record? No.

So, here are the three ways through which you can record your calls without fear of missing out the legitimacy.

# Recording Calls Through An App.

This is the simplest method to solve your call recording purpose. Go to App Store and download a recording app for yourself, that’s it.

No folks, the story doesn’t end here. Apple is smart enough to rule out the apps which are not trusting through their system only. More than 60% of the call recording apps on the App Store doesn’t work properly on the iPhone system.

Back to square one? Certainly not. Always read the reviews of the app before downloading, that’s the basic protocol you must follow before downloading and installing any app, after all, it’s your phone, not some junkyard.

Use the paid apps. Generally, it is observed that the apps which take money from you against their services tend to be more serious about their job. These apps are more likely to have a clear quality of voice recording and guarantee you to not to save it or sell it to any third party in any case. Privacy will stay intact, no matter what.

We recommend you to try the three apps written down below.

  • TapeACall Pro

This app has great reviews on the App Store and on the internet.

It costs around $9.99. Which is obviously lower than the external recording device.

This app allows you to record unlimited both incoming and outgoing calls. It also gives you the option to share the recorded file.

  • Call Recorder Plus

This app is available at a cheaper price of $3.99 than the above one with almost the same features.

It allows you to record calls at a certain limit and to use above that limit, you will have to buy credits from the app purchase option.

Both incoming and outgoing calls are recorded.

  • No-Notes

This app comes for free to download.

It not only records your call but also transcript it into a written format, which you can use later as notes or send someone.

Only 20 mins/month is free to record on this app. To use it above this limit, you will have to buy credits from the app options.

# Recording With An External Device.

This is a very professional way to record a call. Buy yourself an external high-quality call recording device, which must come around $40. Yes, this way is a bit expensive but what else we can do if your iPhone isn’t ready to cooperate with the call recording concept.

# Using Your Own Voicemail.

This is a bit tricky method to record calls. Make sure you take consent of the party you are going to record the call of.

Understand this procedure in steps given below.

Step 1: Call the person by dialling their number or using the already saved contact.

Step 2: Press the Add Call + button after the call is received.

Step 3: Call yourself so that you reach the voicemail of your own number.

Step 4: Press the Call Merge button and now your call is being recorded by your own voicemail service box.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Recording The Calls.
  •  Make sure you take proper consent from the other party before making the call and start recording. It is a privacy offence to record anyone’s voice without their knowledge.
  • In order to receive a high quality of voice recording, make sure your background is as quiet as possible.
  • There should be enough space in your iPhone to save the file. Otherwise even after recording the call, you will lose the file because of not having proper storage space.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How to record calls on iPhone issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

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