PS4 Controller Not Charging Issue: Perfect Solutions

ps4 controller not charging

PS4 Controller Not Charging Issue

ps4 controller not charging: Well, if you are the PS4 gamer in various individuals, you need to maintain a value of wireless PS4 controller in all over the market and also at gaming experience well. All the thing you just imagine the complete scenario whenever your PS4 controller getting an error. Like the ps4 controller not charging and unable to start anymore. In that situation how can you handle it? Is there any exact or perfect solution to solve the issue ps4 controller not charging?

For all these queries, you get the right solution for playstation 4 controller not charging when you read the whole write-up. As I provide here different steps in the different way to solve such ps4 controller not charging issue within a very short time. So do have a look, read and follow so that can easily solve successfully. Hence I straightforward provide you the solutions in clear and understandable format. Let me introduce certain methods which help in fixing the issue in a more successful way.

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ps4 controller not charging

How to Solve PS4 controller not charging

Here, we focus on various possible solutions that help to fix this particular ps4 controller not charging issue to the greater extent. So let us go, follow to fix the issue as it acts like a steering wheel for the PS4 console, the whole game experience. And this becomes not that useful when the controller malfunctions or else stops working. The user can replace or buy the new/ original one only if you do not prefer to lose the various lists of games you like to play on PS4. So try it out all these solutions to get rid of the issue ps4 usb ports not working very well.

  • Reset the PS4 Controller.
  • Supply power towards USB ports.
  • Change the Charger.
  • Charge the PS4 upside down
  • Replace the PS4 Controller Battery
  • PS4 Controller must cool down

Reset PS4 Controller

Well, this is the simplest method to fix PS4 Controller and moreover can perform a click on reset button. So that the rest button will simply override all the settings completely on the particular device and sets to the factory defaults. In order to reset the PS4 controller, the user must and should place the safety pin inside the tiny hole which is available at the left side of the right screw on the back of the controller.


Now press for a while and this automatically resets the whole PS4 controller and then can try plugging the controller in a perfect way so that it gets charging very well.

Supply power towards USB Ports

Do enable the supply power to all the USB ports as an option on the PS4 settings. Go to Settings-> devices and then power saving settings-> set functions which are available in the rest mode. Now you enable supply power to USB ports. So that it gets to charge the controller in the rest mode in a perfect way.


Change Charging Cable

Once after the rough use of using charging cable, it might not get work properly. So in simple, the PS4 controller might go fault rather than charge cable. The one and only best way are to check in making an attempt to connect using another charging cable. Also, can borrow a PS4 cable from any of your belongings when you are in need.


Do charge the PS4 upside down

Charging the controller on the upside as well down will definitely work for most of the PS4 users. For instance, if the PS4 controller is not charging enough with no lights, you need to try charging it upside because there are greater chances if you perform so. Hence, you also try this by a single attempt, as it, in turn, might help you in solving ps4 controller wont hold charge very well.


Replace PS4 Controller Battery

If all the above methods do not work in solving playstation 4 controller not charging, try this out. As such the PS4 controller uses the Lithium-ion cell battery. And these batteries will have limited number of charge cycles. Once you reach the limit, all the batteries will run out drastically. For instance, if you are the PS4 gamer and continuously charging the controller, it is the root cause for the PS4 controller but it is not charging anymore. And now the battery is dead and ultimately you can replace with the new for continuing through the PS4 controller.


PS4 Controller Completely cools down

For suppose, if the PS4 gets heated up/ playstation 4 controller won’t charge due to some excessive gaming, will face this issue continuously. Charging the adds up may lead to more heat and most of all the electronic devices will be programmed not to function over temperature level. If it assumes hotter, wrap the controller in a plastic bag. Now and then put around freezer for at least 10-15 minutes. Just make a trial by keeping the PS4 controller more and more than 15 minutes in the freezer as it might be in damaging stage.


Final Words

Hope you are cleared about the complete concept ps4 controller won’t charge provided in clear and understandable format. Also, if you like the article, can share on social networking sites. Moreover, feel free to share your opinion about my ps4 controller won’t charge. Thank you for the visit. Stay in touch with PhoneGnome for more latest updates.

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