Why Does My Gboard Keep Stopping? Let’s Find The Answer Here..!!!

About The Gboard…

Google! This is not just a tech giant company name but a part of life for all of us. Imagining a day without Google would definitely bring us back to the stone age if not less. The apps and the search engine itself is so into our lives that the human race seems a bit lost when Google goes down.

Now, as you are an android user or maybe you are being too curious to use google platform apps on other operating systems than android. Gboard has certainly been used widely around the world as it gives you full access to the correct vocabulary without searching for it separately.

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So, you are up to writing a presentation, you are all set, the coffee is still hot and your phone seems quite ready to blow some minds up with great writing skills of yours. You shifted from your regular keyboard to your favorite Gboard and started clicking the button to write down the magic going in your head but this is not your day pal, the Gboard stopped working.

It took a little lag and then a message popped up saying The Gboard Stopped Working! What would you do now? Call the boss and tell him that your phone has gone nuts and you won’t be able to put up the presentation on time, is that even an option? Well, no, till you have enough money in your account to live life without a job but, if that was the case, you wouldn’t be doing a job till now!

Don’t worry about this Gboard Keep Stopping our dear netizen, you keep coming to our website and you love us, this is the time we repay back the love by bringing you out of this mess and we will. Just keep reading this article and find yourself good to go.

Why Is Gboard Misbehaving Like this?

All these apps whether they are google powered or constructed under any work station requires the internet to work. Now as we know, if any app consumes data in its operations then it is surely collecting some temporary files underneath. These temporary files turn into bugs and cause hindrance in the smooth operation.

These bugs are easy to remove most of the time, by just trashing the unwanted files timely but, sometimes the issue goes a little deeper and plagues the software, in such scenarios, the user is left with no option but to delete the app permanently.

First Learn What Not To Do…

# Force Stopping The App.

Never do that! When you force stop an app, it immediately kills all the running processes in the background and there are chances that the app may be working on some automatic improvements. At this point, if you kill the operation halfway, the app will be restored back to the default setting but with incomplete credentials. The chances of app failing are now stretched to the max threshold.

Even you will find a warning from the android OS while doing this, saying “The App May Misbehave”.

Troubleshooting Methods…

# Clearing The App Data

This should be the first applied way to resolve this app crashing issue. To do so, follow the steps written below.

Step 1: Open the “settings” menu on your android phone.

Step 2: In the options down below you will find “Apps” open it.

Step 3: Tap the app “Gboard Keyboard”.

Step 4: Here you will find an option “Storage” tap on it.

Step 5: Click on the Clear Data Cache option followed by OK.

Here you have cleared all the junk files and nothing can disturb you in working on your favorite Gboard app now.

Gboard Keep Stopping

# Reinstall The Gboard

This should come in use only after applying the first method and fetching no result from it. Follow the steps written below and hopefully this will work for you.

Step 1: Tap and hold the Gboard icon present in the app menu of your phone.

Step 2: A small window will pop up with several options including the Uninstall one, select that.

Step 3: Click OK and follow the next step after the successful uninstallation of the Gboard app.

Step 4: Touch on the “Google PlayStore” app.

Step 5: Write “Gbaord” on the search plate of the PlayStore app, followed by Ok.

Step 6: Select the first app and click on the Install button.

Step 7: Once the installation is done, click the Open button and enjoy typing.

Now you have a brand new version of the same Gboard app, the data inside is zero and you will experience that the app is working faster than the previous one. No such crashing issues must collide with you again any soon.

# Rebooting The Device

It’s good to keep things simple sometimes. A simple reboot may fetch you the perfect result while failing the other high technical troubleshoot methods. Also, you can use this method even before applying the above 2 suggested procedures. To reboot your device, read and follow the stepwise instructions given below.

Step 1: Close all the apps and clear them from the running Ram.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button until a menu window appears on the screen, serving you the options to Power Off, Reboot, SOS/Take Screenshot, etc.

Step 3: Now you can choose any option from the two. If you pick the Power Off option, follow the next step, and in case you select the Reboot option then jump on to Step 5

Step 4: After the device goes totally Off, the screen turns full black. Press and hold the power button again to wake up the phone again.

Step 5: Now as your phone has successfully woke up/rebooted, try using the app again.

If there were small bugs or just lags because of entangled app operations in the background, this reboot has cleared them all and now you can use this app and of course the other ones too with no hassle now.

# Updating the Gboard From Google PlayStore

This could be a reason too, sometimes the app develops a bug or multiple bugs that require app developer’s attention. To update your Gboard from Google PlayStore, just go through the steps written below and keep following and applying them on your phone simultaneously.

Step 1: Launch Google PlayStore for the menu in your android phone.

Step 2: Tap on the horizontal three lines which are placed in the left corner up side.

Step 3: Click on the My Apps & Games, and fins for Gboard in it.

Step 4: After scrolling down, you will find that there is an update pending about the said app. Click on the update button and wait for full proper installation.

Now take the tour at your newly updated Gboard app and there will be no chances that now your keyboard aka Gboard doesn’t work. All the best!!

For further details, you can always visit Google’s official website or click on https://support.google.com/gboard/answer/9058584?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en to directly land on the page, explaining how to deal with this issue.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the Why Does My Gboard Keep Stopping Issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

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