How to Make Google My Homepage For Different Browsers

how to make google my homepage

While going in detail about how to make google my homepage, let’s start learning about what exactly the home page means and how it is useful. The home page usually delivers a lot of information when you open the specific browser on your device. Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and much more were helpful in today’s scenario.

All these were set accordingly in the form of default homepage like or at respectively. In case, if you like to change the browser on a frequent basis, homepage settings can be changed with the respective internet settings options accordingly. Most of the times, it includes navigation or menu bar which simply direct to the information accessed by the user. When you click on home, it will redirect you back successfully.

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how to make google my homepage

How to Make Google My Homepage

Various users browse a lot of useful information online. Those tabs can make google my homepage windows 10 without any fail. If you see, various browsers playing an important role. Here and now, let’s start learning how to make google my homepage in different browsers respectively.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

Remember if the user navigating through some website, one can redirect back to the homepage by performing a click on home.

Make Google My Homepage Windows 10 On Microsoft Edge

Usually, Microsoft Edge provides two different options. Follow the below instructions accordingly in order to make google my homepage windows 10 successfully.


  • In the first step, go to the browser-> choose settings.
  • Scroll down in order to open with and select the specific page or pages respectively.
  • Open the list and tap on custom. Thereafter, click on X next to the current homepage without any fail.
  • Finally, enter the URL and type As a result, when you tap enter, it redirects opening the Google homepage.

How to Make Google My Homepage On Chrome

Follow the steps accordingly to make google my homepage windows 10 successfully. This is applicable in Google Chrome.

  • Once you open the browser, can notice the option called more available at the top right corner of the screen.


  • And there in the appearance section, turn on the show home button without any fail.
  • Now choose the second option and then enter
  • Go to More-> Settings-> scroll down and there you select google as your search engine by default.


  • That’s all!!!! Doing so will open the page whenever you prefer without any fail.

Make Google My Homepage On Safari

  • Well, first and foremost, choose Safari-> Preferences-> and then click on general.
  • Now again tap on New windows open with and New tabs open with-> select homepage.
  • There you have to enter
  • That’s all!!!

How to Make Google My Homepage On Firefox

Follow the below steps carefully for how to make google my homepage on firefox respectively. This is the most simpler method compared to others.

  • In the first step, open the respective browser and then go to


  • There, you have to drag the respective tab to the home button and release it successfully.
  • Finally, click on change settings.


  • Choose google among various available in the form of the list.


  • Enjoy the access!!!!

How Do I Make Google My Homepage On Internet Explorer

Follow the below instructions for how to make google my homepage in a better understanding. Let’s start performing step by step.

  • Firstly, go to the menu bar available on the top of the respective browser.
  • There you have to click on tools.
  • Choose general tab-> and then in the home page, enter in the corresponding text box.
  • Therefore, click on Ok.
  • As a result, restart the browser successfully with no other doubt.
  • That’s all!!!! As simple as that!!

Google Is Stuck As My Homepage

Google usually will not change the homepage settings without asking the owner permission. Reset the home page and crosscheck the unused programs. If resetting gets fail, it means you have various unused programs known as malware or some viruses that are held responsible in stopping Google site.

Moreover, there is a greater possibility of changing homepages in the future. Be sure as you are not responsible for changing the homepage respectively. Whatever it is, if you get any doubt, can contact us without any fail. So that we reach you in short and explain in detail.

Final Words

I hope you are clear enough of learning how to make google my homepage in detail. As a result, for more doubts, drop a comment in the followed rectangular box. If you like the article, share it with friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials.

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