Macbook Pro Battery Not Charging – How to Fix it?

macbook pro keyboard not working

MacBook Pro Not Charging Simply Fix issues

Well, today we are going to learn how to fix MacBook pro battery not charging issue. Usually charging is done through MagSafe power adapter which is very much brilliant. Also, using this, to secure the connection between the Macbook and AC power charger. This quickly provides the power to the Mac and solve MacBook pro battery not charging issues.

But at times, the adapter is connected and no charging is being passed all over the system. But do not worry as there are a lot of solutions to resolve the whole macbook pro battery not charging issue. However, these steps are applicable for any Macbook Pro with an inbuilt battery and the magnetic charging adapter respectively.

macbook pro battery not charging

How to Fix Macbook Pro Battery Not Charging Issue

Let us now learn all the steps to fix this particular macbook pro keyboard and trackpad not working issue provided in clear and better understandable format. Here we go.

  • Verify whether it is Plugged In and Try the Different Outlet.
  • Crosscheck Magsafe Ports for Debris.
  • Reset the SMC

Verify whether it is Plugged In and Try the Different Outlet

You have to simply check whether the adapter is plugged into respective all outlet, must be connected and secured. Trying a different wall outlet will be very much critical. This is because it rules out the whole outlet.


For suppose, if it gets damaged/ broken are exposed in any different way. Replace it immediately to solve macbook pro battery not charging issue.

Check the Ports for Debris

Make sure as you need to check all its ports for any objects or debris respectively. Have a look on both the adapter cord itself and port at the side of the Macbook Pro. All the foreign objects interfering in the respective connection between the charger and its system. For instance, if you have noticed something stuck in the adapter or unplug through the wall. Disconnect the mac from any of the sources and use the wooden object like a toothpick removing from the port. Make a note as you have to not use any metal especially for this purpose.


When you put your adapter and MagSafe carried in backpacks, purses, bags, and other carriers might prevent by giving a proper connection. The same magnetic connection that makes the adapter so beautiful will prevent a charge which is being very much hard to identify. Also, if you notice as this won’t work, simply try to reset your MacBook and solve macbook pro trackpad not working as shown below.

Reset the SMC

Once you have verified your adapter plugged in a proper way, is done. And now the port too free from obstructions, the ultimate and very next step is to go for resetting SMC. This might resolve most of the power-related issues with the Mac as batteries not getting a charge.


It is not been identified as connected or passing the charge to the respective battery, refusal either to sleep or wake in a proper way among the variety of all the issues. By resetting the SMC on a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and also the Retina MacBook with a non-removal battery will be easy. And follows as shown below to fix macbook pro touchpad not working issue.

Steps to Reset SMC

  • The first step, you have to shut down the MacBook going to Apple menu-> Shut down.
  • Connect the MagSafe power adapter.
  • And now simultaneously hold down the shift+Control+Option+Power for a while. And then release altogether.
  • Finally, press the power button for booting the MacBook with reset SMC to fix mac keyboard and trackpad not working issue.

To make it more clear, remember as these are the exact keys that you have to press at the time when you shut down the Mac connected with an adapter to reset SMC in a perfect way.

When you have the older model MacBook with removal battery, steps are going to be different. So if in that case, when you follow all the instructions given by me to perform the same process on all those components. And this fix mac keyboard stops working issue.

However, resetting will completely wash out the power settings. And if you have customized the settings within the energy saver or somewhere else, need to set all those again and again. As all these power options will get returned to the respective OS X default very well.

MacBook Battery Must and Should charge from MagSafe as Usual

Once the Mac is booted and should be charging very fine. It is usually signified by the MagSafe light being like orange or green. For instance, if you have such an issue and the adapter itself will be falling or the MacBook logic board falling and if you try another, works with Mac successfully. Also, fix trackpad not working macbook pro very well.

Once you are done with above steps, the battery is continuing not to charge and adapter will be not in the working stage. And so the next step you have to go near Apple support and explain your issue. Can also get the battery, adapter look like at times. This might be the hardware fault which is very much rare.

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Final Verdict

As a result, I hope you are clear about all the details relate to macbook pro battery not charging issue.  For instance, if you have any doubts relate to apple trackpad not working, can simply drop a comment in the below section. Also, like the macbook pro mouse not working article, share with friends and also on social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Be in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting stuff.

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