How to Reset Macbook in Different Ways Updated Right Now

how to reset macbook

How to Factory Reset Macbook

Let’s go to learn the process how to reset macbook in simple steps. Well, you have an option to restore macbook to factory settings without facing any issue. This is done by erasing your Mac and reinstalling it with the help of built-in recovery disk.

So Make a note as before you erase the data, back up all the essential files. And when you like to install on your portable system, be sure as you are connected with an adapter. Also, crosscheck whether the internet is ON. if not, you may fail to0 reinstall. So take appropriate measures while doing the whole how to reset macbook process.

how to reset macbook

How to reset MacBook Using Different Methods

Finally, I am going to guide all the steps related to the factory reset MacBook process. So why do we late now? Learn all the steps, understand, and follow according to the instructions given below.

  • Resetting NVRAM
  • Crosscheck battery status.
  • Restore Mac to factory settings.

Resetting NVRAM

The Non-Volatile Random Access Memory, in short, called NVRAM stores all the settings like speaker volume, default display, and others with no doubt. Doing this might fix a lot of minute issues very well. In some Mac’s NVRAM is replaced by PRAM that is fundamentally the same as in NVRAM. You have to simply follow the below instructions carefully to reset MacBook successfully.


  • Open the Apple Menu-> click on it so that you get the drop-down menu.
  • And then click on Shut down available in the form of a list.
  • Again, tap on shutdown whenever you get the prompt message.
  • There you need to find the NVRAM keys, simply hold down ⌘ Command, ⌥ Option, P, and R keys altogether for at least 15 seconds.
  • Turn on your Mac and click on the power button to prompt the Mac.
  • Now simply press and hold the NVRAM reset keys. This must be done by pressing your Mac’s power button and then all the 4 keys[⌘ Command, ⌥ Option, P, and R Keys] altogether before you get the Apple logo on your Mac.
  • If the logo appears before you press the keys, need to shut down and try again without any hesitation.
  • Continue the process until the Mac finishes its startup process.
  • Has a chance of rebooting your Mac at the time of the on-going process.
  • Once you see the user selection screen, release the keys and sign in to your account.
  • Reset all the preferences and crosscheck whether the problem got resolved completely or no.
  • If you notice any issue, then simply perform a factory reset without any doubt.

Crosscheck the Battery’s Status

how to reset MacBook? In order to reset your Battery, remember that you have to do SMC, a small chip controls all the things like Mac’s external lights, responses, battery management, and much more. Resetting the SMC might improve by reducing all the issues encountered. Also, with the help of this, can fix overheating issues too without any fail.


Well, how can you notice as this is the time to apply SMC? There are various possibilities to know as this is the time. Like if your cooling fan goes loud running at high speed/ MacBook does not get respond/ system shutdowns itself/ battery might not get charge properly and much more.

In order to resolve this, follow the instructions carefully and perform so that this fix all the issues in a more successful way.

  • Open the Apple Menu-> Click on Apple logo available at the left corner of the screen.
  • And now, you get the prompt window where you need to click on shut down. So that it goes shut down.
  • Do attach your Macbook to the plug in the charger on the right side.
  • Simply find the SMC reset keys. Perform SMC reset by tapping on ⌘ Command, ⌥ Option, power button and ⇧ Shift keys together.

Keep holding the keys for 10 seconds. Once it is done, release all the keys. Click on the Power button and turn on your Mac to begin a restart. After the successful restart, all the issues must be resolved.  Crosscheck as the issue must be resolved. If you still notice some issue then how to reset MacBook, while this is the time to go for factory settings.

Restore Mac to Factory Settings

Before starting the process, back up all the data. Because doing factory settings completely wash out all the data and in turn fixing issues to a greater extent. Follow the below instructions for resetting MacBook pro successfully.


  • Open the Apple menu by clicking on its logo appeared on the top left of the window. So that you can see a drop-down menu.
  • Select restart and wait till it successfully restarts the system.
  • Now hold down ⌘ Command and R keys altogether and you have to perform this immediately when you click Restart.
  • Release the keys once you see the Apple logo. So that your MacBook begins booting in the recovery mode. All the process takes several minutes to complete.
  • Choose Disk utility available in the middle of the recovery window. Click on continue.
  • Select Mac’s hard drive which is named Macintosh HD if you did not rename it. And also click on the erase tab available in the top disk utility window. So that gets the new window.
  • Click on Format-> Mac OS Extended-> erase. This might take a few hours so make sure that you have plugged in with charger.
  • Tap on done whenever it gets prompted. As it is fully cleaned.
  • Tap on disk utility-> Go back to recovery window-> Reinstall Mac OS-> Click on continue.
  • Make sure you have an excellent internet connection. As such follow all the on-screen instructions and install the whole setup on your Mac successfully.

Doing in this way, fix all the minute issues and others too very well. However, once it gets fixed, again won’t trouble you. But before starting the process, take appropriate measures, and perform carefully.

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