How to Go Incognito On Windows/ iPhone/ iPad/ Mac

how to go incognito

How to go incognito on mac, windows with chrome

How to go incognito: Usually, when you look forward to some sites surfing all the information you need, sensitive data will be automatically get stored on your respective hard drive. If I like to go through a private browser how to go incognito? All the data is used to enhance your browsing experience going forward. However, data files are used on your system based on different variables and purposes. And moreover, you all are aware of some sites, in which, they are responsible for not leaving traces like cookies, on your system itself.

You must take care of and close your window. Once you close or shut all the windows, open these particular incognito windows. Through this, any data you surf, or any files you download or the bookmarks you create will automatically get preserved. Make a note as going through incognito; it never affects the behavior of other servers/ the software.

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how to go incognito

About how to browse incognito

How to go incognito? Just all the people have to be aware of the sites that collect or share the information about you. Another most important note you have to keep in mind is, internet service providers or employees might have a chance to track the pages you visit. Take care as the malicious software at the background might track all the keystrokes in exchange of free smileys or some other free services.

Also, there might be surveillance by all the secret agents. And moreover, people who might stand behind you at times are responsible.  So by keeping all these points, and as Chrome does not control how the extensions handle all your personal data, these get disabled for incognito windows. Also, you can re-enable them one by one in the respective extension manager. As you go with the private browser, incognito, when you delete all your browsing data, ensures as no one has been come crossed your sites under Chrome’s history manager.

How to Go Incognito in Simple Steps

With the help of all these incognito windows, you can follow the web with tension not. The entire information gets stored in your system itself with greater security. So can go ahead through this on anytime especially when you are in need of surfing something confidential. So if you are the one, follow the steps one by one showcased below in a clear and better understandable format.

How to go incognito on chrome

Let us now go and learn simple steps in order to open single or multiple tabs on chrome. Here we go.

  • In the first step, you have to open the respective incognito window available in the top right corner of the screen.


  • Click the new incognito window and start browsing. As alternatively, the incognito mode shortcut, press Ctrl+ Shift+ N in order to bring new incognito window very fast entering towards Chrome settings menu.


  • As we discussed above, the chrome will never keep a record of all the sites visited while you use this respective incognito window.
  • But yes downloaded files, bookmarks will be automatically get saved safely and securely.
  • That’s all!!!!!! You can keep on go and start browsing through this incognito with tension not.

Steps to Stop Private Browsing

As we all know, the incognito runs separately from normal windows, how can you come back to normal windows? Is there any possibility? Well, if you like to get back from this private browsing, follow the below significant points showcased below.


  • Firstly, go to the respective incognito window in your system and simply close the window.
  • How to open an incognito tab on chrome? Well as if it windows, simply at the top right, click on X.
  • If you use Mac, then at the top left, close X with no second thought.
  • That’s all!!!!

As you browse privately, make a note as:

  • Chrome never saves your browsing history, cookies, site data, or any other information entered in forms.
  • The files you downloaded and bookmark you create will remain the same.
  • All your activity is hidden from the site you visit as they might be your good wisher/ employee/ any internet service provider.

And hope you are ready to go with this absolutely perfect private browsing with tension not. For any doubts regarding how to open incognito on chrome, you can simply reach us by typing in the comment section to help and guide in a more understandable format.

Till now as we have seen the usage of incognito at your respective system, we now learn for other devices step by step.

How to open incognito in Android

Follow the simple steps provided here to begin or initiate browsing through incognito on our Android mobile itself. So are you ready to learn this new process in a simple and short way?  Get back here.


  • First and foremost, open the chrome on your Android mobile/ tablet.
  • To the right of the respective address bar, click on more-> new incognito tab.
  • As of now, you can see the new window appearing on the screen. And at the top left, check for the incognito icon.

For instance, if you get the message prompting like “ Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the respective app/ organization” open the respective web page on normal Chrome windows with no doubt.

Stop Private Browsing Through Android

As the incognito runs in a separate window from your normal chrome tabs, simply close all of them as shown here.

  • Open your respective Chrome app. And at the top right, you observe some switch tabs. Am I right? And also there, you see your opened incognito tabs.
  • Now, at last, you see at the top right of incognito, a symbol in the form of X. Click on it.

This is for Android. But when you go for iPhone and iPad, how to open an incognito tab? Is there any process? Well, is quite different. Simple go through here to use and stop private browsing is a simple and better way. So let’s start here.

How to open incognito on iPhone/ iPad/ How to go incognito on Mac?

Well, if you are iPhone or iPad user, tension not. This is because I am going to help and guide very well. So here we go.


  • Open the Chrome app on your device without any fail.
  • Click on more-> new incognito mode at the top and then click on the respective address bar.


  • You usually look left on these devices compare to Android.

Stop Private Browsing on Mac/ iPhone/ iPad

The Process is going to same on iPhone/ iPad/ Mac. Here we go with a simple process and learn more fastly to get back to our normal windows.

  • Open the Chrome app-> tap on switch tabs-> and at the right, you observe all the open incognito tabs.
  • And then finally, click on X to close right now.

Final Words

Hope you are clear of all the steps how to browse incognito showcased above. For instance, have any doubts, simply drop down a comment on the below section. Also, like the article, share with friends/ or also on social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. As a result, stay back with PhoneGnome for more useful stuff with no second thought.

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