How to Get Rid of Virus on Mac For Free

How to get rid of viruses on mac? Mac has a greater chance of malware attacks or generates web traffic potentially. Due to such unused programs, automatically the user gets various advertisements and sponsored links in their respective web browser. Well!!!! there are some symptoms of viruses and malware so that the user can easily found them.

Like Mac suddenly becoming slow, web pages filled with a lot of advertisements, advert window popups displaying on the screen and what not!! Other unused or unimportant programs might get installed on the system. From all these, is there a chance to clear out? If yes, how to get rid of the virus on mac for free? Here we go with different methods and steps in detail.

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How to Get Rid of Virus on Mac

Here and now let me tell you, the Mac never gets the virus attack when compared to Windows. But yes, there is various malware that downloads itself and shares with you which you are really not interested in. All such were the main reason behind the cause of abstracting personal data. In order to save from such a malware attack, let’s start implementing the below methods.

How to Wash Out Browser Extensions

All the adware and other malware install a new toolbar in the respective internet browser. Therefore, changing the default to another is possible in most of the cases. Removing extensions and resetting the respective browser settings is the most possible and simplest way. Doing so will delete such malware attacks produced in the form of browser extensions. Are you using different browsers instead of one, not a big deal? Here we go in detail step by step implemented for each browser respectively.

Reset Safari

  • The very first step, begin the safari browser.
  • Go to the respective menu bar-> choose Preferences.
  • Now click on the extension tab-> locate the extension which is the main reason behind the cause-> uninstall it.
  • Repeat the same till you uninstall all such unused without any fail.
  • Keeping this aside, the user also has to wash out browsing history. So that helps in removing all the saved content like passwords and other entries at a time.
  • To do so, go to the menu bar-> choose history-> clear history-> ok
  • That’s all!!!

Reset Google Chrome

  • Open the Chrome browser on your desktop.
  • Click on menu and select preferences accordingly.
  • Now, tap on three vertical dots appearing at the top right of the browser-> Tools-> select extensions.
  • Locate in the same way which exactly is malicious and remove it immediately.
  • Also, choose settings-> show advanced settings-> Restore default settings of chrome by tapping on reset browser settings.
  • Finally, click on reset.

Firefox Web Browser

  • Start the Firefox.
  • Click on Tools-> Add-ons-> Extensions appearing in the left side of the window.
  • Now, try to locate which extension is exactly responsible for getting unused programs.
  • If any, remove it immediately.
  • Now click on Help-> choose troubleshooting information. So that the user can click on reset firefox successfully.
  • Once the firefox is reset as a default, removes all the adware or malware or add-ons successfully.

Uninstall Certain Apps

The way of malware attack might encounter in different forms. Not only through extensions, but also has a greater chance of attacking through different apps. All this mainly get into the system when you install the app unintentionally or accidentally. If so uninstall immediately before it kills. In order to do so, follow the below instructions carefully to wash out such apps in a perfect way.

  • First, go to the application folder-> simply drag and drop to the bin successfully.
  • Another way to go for the respective library-> application support->choose and drag to the bin.
  • Locate to the other folders ~/Library, especially Launch Agents and Launch Daemons to remove the files related to the app but take appropriate care while doing so.

Well, easy way to uninstall certain apps can be done with the help of CleanMyMac X. Follow the steps accordingly.

  • Download and introduce the app without fail.
  • Click on uninstaller-> now check the box and perform a click on uninstall respectively.

This particular software helps in tracing the app too, moreover can remove the applications manually. This is very much considerable for viruses and better enough to use in the future.

Try to Use Malware Removal Tool

In order to remove infected malware or to save from adware attacks, get the best anti-virus programme to clean in regular intervals. Or follow the below key attributes to clean up immediately and keep your system safer comparatively.

Activity Monitor

While you notice any kind of malware, simply come out from the app by typing Cmd+Q or tap on quit available in the form of a menu. To do so, open Activity Monitor-> locate the apps in the respective search bar-> if you notice any app running, simply force quit.


Go to the Mac-> download Bitdefender virus scanner app. One after successful installation, open the app and click the update definition button-> and now press on deep scan button respectively. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to access Mac hard disk.

Clear Cache

This is the simplest method to wash out all the unused or additional data stored in the form of a folder. Doing so helps to deliver solution for how to get rid of virus on mac. Follow the steps accordingly to clear out.

  • In Safari: open the respective browser-> clear history and select all history available in the form of a list. Tap on clear history button.
  • In Google Chrome: Launch Chrome-> clear browsing data-> choose all-time in the respective drop-down menu to clear out completely.

Download Folder

Select all and tap on delete to remove all the items. So that it provides a free up space.

Restore Mac OS

Perform restore to remove or delete all the malicious data at a time. Remember to perform a backup so that no threat or afraid of losing confidential data. All the malicious data or the adware will be removed with the help of best antivirus programme installed in your respective system.

Final Verdict

I hope you are very much clear about the steps provided for how to get rid of virus on mac respectively. For any doubts, drop a comment in the below rectangular box. If you like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Be in contact with PhoneGnome for more tutorials.

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