How to Delete Photos from iCloud on PC or Mac: Steps to Delete

How to delete photos from iCloud? Are there any methods to implement? Here we go with each and every method in detail so that helps to delete all the unused or unwanted pictures successfully. iCloud is the most simple service that maintains all the devices in sync. Provides greater security to all the pictures, videos, files updated at regular intervals.

But remember tons of photos or any will occupy a lot of space in iCloud. If in that case, we can’t store necessary documents whenever we are in need. At that point, simply wash out all such photos/ videos that took larger space on the iCloud respectively. Let’s we go with all the methods in detail and perform accordingly. Choose the quick way to delete and save all your valuable time.

How to Delete Photos From iCloud

Deleting various unnecessary photos and freeing up space is a good idea. Doing so will never slow down your device rather, speeds up greatly. Here and now, we go with certain methods that help to delete photos from iCloud Successfully.

  • Delete photos from iCloud on Mac.
  • How to delete photos from iCloud on PC
  • Using My Photostream.
  • Using iCloud photos library.
  • Delete Using iCloud backup.

Let’s start learning all the steps one by one to implement and delete successfully.

How to Delete Photos From iCloud on Mac

Follow the below instructions in order to delete photos from iCloud without any fail. Here and now, we learn and implement to delete successfully.

  • First and foremost, open the respective iCloud browser in your Mac OS. Type and press enter.
  • Sign in by providing your Apple ID-> so that you are ready to view and change the respective Apple ID settings in the browser itself.  Enter the Apple ID as well as password for successful sign in.
  • Go to the photos icon so that it opens the iCloud photo library-> Choose the album for viewing the photos you are interested in.
  • Now select the image you like to delete. When you like to delete multiple photos, has a chance of selecting multiple pictures. Do select and delete as a stretch.
  • Click on confirm when you see the prompt appearing on the screen. If you like to check, can go to the bin available. All the deleted pictured were stored placed into the bin folder.
  • That’s all!!!!!

How to Delete Photos from iCloud on Windows

Follow the below instructions for how to delete all photos from iCloud supported by Windows operating system. Let’s start to go with all the steps one by one and delete them accordingly.

  • Open iCloud-> perform a double click on the respective photos on the system. Remember, here the user will notice multiple photos instead of an individual.
  • Go to downloads so that you see the photos downloaded from the iCloud-> choose and perform the delete.
  • As a result, it deletes all the selected images. Make a note as the pictures you choose will be washed out only from the system but not from iCloud respectively.
  • Click yes when you see the confirmation window appearing on the screen.
  • That’s all!!!! As simple as that. The user can look forward to the bin folder if needed with deleted images.

Delete Photos from iCloud Using My Photo Stream

This is an in-built option available in the iPhone/iPad/iPod respectively. Enabling it will automatically upload and send it to iCloud without fail. Remember, this process consumes a lot of space. Follow the instructions provided below accordingly.

  • Open Photos-> My photo stream-> click on select either one or multiple-> and now click on the bin so that all the photos you selected were deleted successfully.
  • Go to Settings-> photo and camera-> there you have to disable my photostream with no second thought.

Therefore, make a note as doing so won’t able to delete the copied or imported photos on the respective system.

How to Delete All Photos from iCloud Using iCloud Photos Library

Before going into the process, let me tell you what exactly the iCloud photo library is? This mainly deletes automatically each and every photo, video available in the respective folder. Also, organizes according to the collections and based on years respectively. When you prefer to delete the photos, simply disable the iCloud photo library. And this results in delivering free space on iCloud successfully.

  • Go to Settings-> click on iCloud-> storage-> iCloud photo library -> disable it by turning to right-> delete them.
  • That’s all!!!!

Delete Photos from iCloud Backup

  • Performing a delete operation through iCloud backup is as simple as that. Open the Settings-> click on iCloud-> storage-> manage storage-> turn off photo library in case of iOS9.
  • While in iOS8-> disable camera roll.

Final Words

I hope you are cleared of all the steps and methods provided accordingly. For any doubts, you can drop a comment in the below box. We reach you in short. Also, the article share with friends and social networking sites. Keep in touch with PhoneGnome for more fixes.

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