MacBook Overheating Issue | How to fix

Feeling some heat under your keys and the Cooling Fan Sound’s like a Blower? Then you got some Heating issues with your Mac. The older the laptop gets, the more the heating issues occur. Too high temperatures on the MacBook can cause Damage to the sensitive components of the Machine.

It also affects the performance and battery standby of the system. Well, we are here to save your machine from getting damaged from such MacBook overheating issues. Here Are Several Ways to avoid heating issues on your MacBook.

Lets first discuss The Possible Causes of these Heating Issues:

  1. Running Multiple Softwares or Apps at the same time.
  2. Running more than 10 Chrome tabs at a time.
  3. Keeping your MacBook on an uneven surface like a couch, blanket, Pillow, lap, etc
  4. Constantly using your Machine for a very long time.
  5. Using your machine in extreme temperatures.
  6. Multitasking 2-3 High Graphical games or High Processing Softwares.

How to Fix Heating Issues in your MacBook: 

how to fix macbook overheating

  1. Drop the Processing: Stop the high processing Demanding software like Video Editors, Games, Chrome ( With multiple Browsers), etc which are using over 60% of your CPU Processing. You can check this in Activity Manager which could be found in Applictions>Utilities or simply search on Spotlight. Limiting the Background Processes and Reducing Unnecessary Start on Startup apps might help you keep your machine cool.
  1. Placement of Your MacBook: Since the MacBooks are such compact machines, they come with just one solo vent which blows the heat out with the help of Cooling Fans and Keeping your Machine on surface such as Cushion, Sofa, Lap may Block the Vent which leads to no transfer of heat causing your MacBook to heat up and damage some sensitive components or the Performance of the MacBook. Placing it on a surface like a Study Table or a Cooling Pad will increase the flow of heat and reduce the heating in your MacBook Pro. Cool isn’t it?
  1. Clean Your Vents: Due to long usage, the cooling vents might get clogged because of dirt and other particles that prevent heat from flowing out causing heating issues in your MacBook. You can use Air Compressor or Vaccum Cleaner to suck the dirt out and Open the Clogged vent. This will increase the airflow which will reduce the heating in Your MacBook. 
  1. Disable Unnecessary Startup Processes: Most of the Applications/Softwares which are installed auto-launch their processes as the MacBook boots up. These processes take up a major CPU Processing Resulting in Slower Performance and Heating Issues. You can disable these unnecessary startup  processes by following these simple steps:

  (i). Click on Apple Logo on the top left corner of your desktop.

(ii). Choose System Preferences

(iii). Select Accounts and then go to Login Items.

And in Login Items, Select the items which you don’t want to run in the background unnecessarily unless you start them up.

  1. Cooling Pads: Cooling Pads are trays made up of metal or plastic which has 2-4 Cooling Fans installed which runs on the external power source or on your Laptop’s battery via USB or Type-C cables. These fans help your MacBook keep its cool by providing extra airflow to it and increases the Machine’s performance and battery Backup. 

I hope one of these solutions helped you fix the heating issue in your MacBook. If still, your MacBook has some heating issues, Please comment down below, we’ll assist you with your issue or visit the nearest Apple Center because there might be some Hardware issues like Defective Battery, Cooling Fan or Solidification of the Thermal Paste.

You can also visit for further help and assistance.

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