How to Defrag A Mac in Simple Steps?

how to defrag a mac

How to defragment a mac

Today, we are going to learn a new concept called Defraging A Mac. Well, but how to defrag a mac? Is there any process to do? Better if you don’t panic and rust to the steps given below. Before going to these steps, have a look at what exactly defrag mean. Then I am not going to stop you. This process how to defrag a mac is done if in case, your mac does not run efficiently.

To seed up the Operating system, may require defragging. Am I right? But usually, Apply never included the defragging software as windows include. But doing so, there are a lot of benefits. The Apple has embedded all its inbuilt safeguards which purely prevent the fragmentation. However, at the time of getting update/upgrade/any, you have to perform defragmentation once in a year.

how to defrag a mac

About Defragmentation

Well, how to defrag a mac? The mac defrag is actually a reverse process. All the files on respective hard disk will recognize in such a way, all the parts of the single large file will be stored side by side. In other words, you can say as defragmentation removes all the gaps between the recorded parts, collecting them into one unit. So, therefore, it allows to speed up the system removing additional and cache files successfully.


Why Do We, Defrag Mac?

Typically, at the first stage when you buy the Mac OS X, the system might be very fast. But day to day, when you go on add the files and keep on storing, the drive gets full even with the temporary cache files. this, in turn, slows the system. New data is generally written on outside the hard drive, slowly working its way till you add the other data too.


By the continuous storage, it never gets lost, all the holes start developing numerous reads and writes. So simply by defragging the drive moves all files back in a specific order and fills the respective holes that have been encountered at the time of its usage.

How to Defrag a Mac in Simple Methods

Here I am going to explain the whole process how to defrag a mac in two different methods. Simply follow all the instructions given here and speed up your OS without any fail.

How to Defrag a Mac in Simple Steps

So in order to defragment mac, follow these instructions carefully and do step by step. If any single step goes wrong, the disk and system might get damaged. So take an appropriate care by doing the boot-up process.


  • The first step, make your boot drive lighter by reducing all the files like games, movies, songs, and other confidential files without any fail. You need to reduce at least 50%, this is why as the first half of the drive will be fast than the second large number of sectors available there.
  • This might not necessarily bring up free space to 50%. But make a note of doing so increases its performance drastically. And if in case, the boot drive is filled to completely 80%, will never work. But yes, can reduce the files through Activity Monitor. Also, reboot the drive after completing the whole process.
  • In this step, you need to arrange black fresh external drive and clone of the whole Mac OS X. And in order to clone, can use the Mac backup software called Carbon Copy Cleaner.
  • Simply press and hold alt key/option to start rebooting process. Finally, you are ready to clone through startup manager. Wait for sometime verifying clone works or not. If any problem can report undoubtedly.
  • While doing this, erase the internal boot partition with the help of disk utility if boot camp partition is ready. This set all the bits to “0”.
  • If you suppose, found bad sectors, map it off. Doing this worthwhile because takes a while to read from bad sectors. Make sure, as you have not moved the hard drive while the process going on.
  • Once you are done, clone the external partition to the internal. Execute Disk Utility and Repair Permissions on both partitions will be used to clean all the cache and rebuild them respectively.

What Exactly Disk Defragmenter Mac Does After Performing Above Steps:

Well, as a result, now the user is capable to solve the following lists in a single batch.

  • Issues related to Bad Sectors.
  • Problems due to caches.
  • Defragmentation issues.
  • Boot camp partition problem

We feel great having such a bootable backup. If you find the speed is reducing after updates/ upgrades/ reinstalling the respective software, can perform clone or reverse it for solving this particular issue.

For instance, if you perform these steps and face the same, then this might cause due to the following reasons.

  • Insufficient space in RAM.
  • Hard drive failure.
  • Your OS X version not updated for a long time.

And this is all to remove the fragmentation from the respective Mac hard drive.

How to Defragment a Mac Using Third-party tools

Usually, the Mac Os does not provide the tool as windows offer. The only thing they recommend is to take a complete backup of all your files, format the hard drive and reinstall OS to recover all files as I said above in simple steps. If it still needs the optimization, you have a chance to use third-party utilities designed to defragment mac hard disk. There are several apps, can have a look at the following.


  • iDefrag: most powerful app.
  • Drive Genius: This is also powerful program, allows to perform the full range of all the preventive actions working with HD partitions and then restore the complete data.
  • TechTool Pro 5: This is one of the universal tool meant for mac performance optimization, has an option to defrag mac through this tool in a perfect way.

Make a note as all these are the third party tools and therefore, we usually not get the support from Apple team. And never use these on mac with SSD. Otherwise, it might damage the disk and also the system. So better to take an appropriate care and preventive measures.

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As a result, I hope you are clear of all the concept how to defrag a mac. And now ready to start the process on your Mac. If you get any doubts, can simply contact us by dropping a comment in the below box. So that we reach you in short and guide you. Like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Stay back to PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials.

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