Apple Watch Bluetooth Not Working? | Let’s Fix

Want to connect your Apple Watch to your device, but it won’t connect? Well, Apple Watch might be one of the Most Convenient Smartwatches available out there, but it has its own Flaws. And its Bluetooth not working is one of them.

Bluetooth is the most essential feature in your Apple Watch, which pairs your Apple watch to your iPhone, where You can also connect your Apple watch via Wifi. And, that is why Apple recommends always to keep your Bluetooth and Wifi enabled as it’s not always available, so, Bluetooth is the string here that keeps your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone and helps you enjoy the features it has to offer.

First, let’s see the correct method of connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone.

How to Connect your Apple Watch to your Device:

Apple watch bluetooth not working

Charge both your devices, boot them up, and bring them close. Now, wait for the popup on your iPhone asking to Use this iPhone to set up this Apple Watch, press continue. Now an animation will show on your apple watch, align it with the ViewFinder on your iPhone. It’ll now pair your Apple watch with your iPhone, and you can proceed to login with your Apple ID, set up passwords, and “customize your watch accordingly.” (P.s, please add the link to my previous article, how to change Apple watch face )

Well, due to some problems, your Apple Watch might not connect with your iPhone, and here’s how to check it. 

How to check if the watch is not connected?

Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch by swiping up on your watch face, and if you see Disconnected text with a Red ‘X’  Beside it or a Red SmartPhone icon, then you have some issues connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone. 

  1. A Green Smartphone Sign shows that your Apple Watch is Connected to your iPhone
  2. A blue Wifi icon shows that your Apple Watch is connected to a Wifi
  3. A red Smartphone icon  or an icon with Disconnected Text shows that your Apple Watch isn’t connected to your iPhone.

Well, I am here with some solutions which will cure you Apple Watch Bluetooth not working issue. Firstly here are Five simple solutions that might help you fix the problem.

  1. Try unpairing your devices and pairing them again.
  2. Reboot your Apple Watch and your iPhone and try pairing again.
  3. Restart Bluetooth by turning it off and then on.
  4. Update your Apple Watch Application.
  5. Try updating your Wear OS on your Apple Watch and iOS on your iPhone to the latest version.

If none of these solutions worked, then we have some detailed solutions which will definitely fix your problem, so keep reading <3

Keep Your Devices Close

One of the main reasons that your watch won’t connect to your iPhone might be because ‘ Your Apple Watch isn’t in range of your iPhone.’ e Standard or the Default range of Bluetooth is approx 9 Meters, ut the Bluetooth in your Apple devices works as long as they are within 90 Meters with each other. 

In case you’re pairing your Apple Watch with your Apple device for the first time, then make sure you’re keeping your devices next to each other to establish a connection.

Restart Your Apple Watch

If there’s some minor software or OS glitch in your watch, which is creating problems in connecting your Apple watch to your iPhone, then it can be fixed by restarting your Apple Watch. Tap and hold the Slide button on your Apple Watch until e  Power Off screen comes up. Now slide the Power Slider shown on your screen to the right to turn off your watch. To reboot your Apple watch, Press and hold the Slide button until the Apple Logo Shows up. Now try Reconnecting your watch to your iPhone. 

Check your Watch’s Connection.

Firstly, check the Bluetooth and Wifi on your Apple Watch is enabled. And then Look for the same on your iPhone. If both are on, then Goto your Watch’s Control Center, and Turn the BlueTooth off and on, and try pairing your apple watch to your iPhone.If it doesn’t pair, then Open the control center on your apple watch again and turn on the airplane mode and turn it off after 5 secs. 

Even after all this, your watch won’t pair to your iPhone, then try doing the same on your iPhone From the control center.

Forget The Device

If your apple watch previously paired with some other iPhone, then, in that case, you’ll have to forget the erratic Connection and pair it again with your current Device. Sometimes your watch won’t connect to your device as it tries to connect to your old device. Here’s how you fix it:

  1.  Keep your Apple Watch and Your Old iPhone close as you Unpair them.
  2. Open settings on the Apple Watch App on the iPhone.
  3. Hit on my watch tab and select your watch on the screen.
  4. Click on the ‘i’ Button to unpair
  5. Select Unpair device to unpair
  6. Now tap again to confirm. Now it’ll ask you to verify Apple ID to disable Activation Lock. Before erasing all the Data, Apple Watch creates a Backup on iCloud, which can be used later to restore all your previous data on your new Apple Watch.
  7. After your Apple Watch Unpairs, Try Pairing it with your New iPhone.

Reset your Watch

After all these methods, still, your apple watch won’t connect to your iPhone? Then it’s time to wipe all the data from your Apple Watch. This will reset all the Software or Network Bugs, which caused issues in pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone. Here’s how you reset your Apple Watch

  1. On your Apple Watch, Goto Settings.
  2. Click on General
  3. Select Reset
  4. Click on Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Now it’ll ask you to verify Apple ID to disable Activation Lock. Before erasing all the Data, don’t forget to create a backup on iCloud, which could later be used to restore all device Content and Settings on your Apple Watch.
  6. Now try Pairing your watch again with your iPhone.

These were the best 5 Ways to Fix your ‘ Apple Watch Bluetooth not working’ issue. I hope one of these issues helped you fix your Apple Watch. If you have any other problems or questions related to the Apple Watch , do let us know in the comment section below!

If still your issue isn’t fixed, then goto your nearest Apple Store now or goto and book an appointment.

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