Easy call routing via cheapest VoIP services

Whether you have a traditional land-line, Cable phone service, VoIP phone service, or a service like ooma or MagicJack - the PhoneGnome add-on device lets you route calls to the best global VoIP providers in the world at your discretion.

PhoneGnome can fix it!

Simply install the PhoneGnome add-on for your phone service, and seamlessly route calls to any alternative providers you wish to get the best rates and highest quality to each destination you call.

If you have a SIP-based PSTN termination service that you like, the PhoneGnome add-on lets you use it conveniently, simultaneously with your existing phone service - all with the same phone.

Instead of opening a web site or running software on your PC, you can now make calls using the low-cost VoIP service of your choice simply by lifting your existing phone handset and dialing the number.

Simply configure which calls you want to use with which service, as well as which calls should continue to use your existing service, and then simply dial numbers and the call is delivered via the service you prefer automatically - the whole household can use it without learning special prefixes and without PC hassles.

Automatic free calls between any phone with the PhoneGnome add-on, which means free calls simply by dialing regular phone numbers with your regular phone - works in any country in the world!

For example...

Let's say your existing service includes free domestic calls, but you don't like their international rates. You can activate a SIP-based VoIP service of your choice as the default for all international calls, or just for specific country codes, or only certain regions, or even right down to specific numbers.

Once setup, users simply dial normally and PhoneGnome automatically routes the call via the proper provider.

We make it easy to select our Pay-as-you-go calling - 2.1¢ per minute to US (see rates) but you can also configure the service of your choice. You can even configure different providers for different countries.

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