A Soft Phone for any home phone service

Whether you have a traditional land-line, Cable phone service, VoIP phone service, or a service like ooma or MagicJack - the PhoneGnome add-on device enables that service with soft phone capabilities.

PhoneGnome can fix it!

Simply install the PhoneGnome add-on for your phone service, and the free PhoneGnome Software turns any PC or laptop into a fully-functioning remote telephone that allows you to use your existing phone service to place and receive calls anywhere you have your PC and an Internet connection.

  • Free Software that allows you to make and receive calls from your computer.
  • Uses your existing number - receive calls wherever you are.
  • Supports caller ID display and logging.
  • Record your phone calls to wav files.

And More...

Open SIP credentials that can be used with any softphone, ATA, Asterisk, iPhone etc. Use our free software, or the software or ATA of your choice!

Use your Vonage, cable TV, ooma, or other phone service - any service you can plug a standard phone into - from your PC or other SIP compatible device or software.

Use your existing phone service as a "trunk" with your Asterisk or other PBX. Share it with frends and family!

Buy the PhoneGnome box and create free accounts for your friends to use with the free PhoneGnome softphone so you can all each other free.

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