Call Skype users with PhoneGnome

PhoneGnome users can now call Skype users using the new OpenSky gateway released by Gizmo5.

If you want to call a Skype user named echo123 you simply call SIP address

Enter the SIP address, formatted as above, into the “Quick Call” field on your My PhoneGnome home page, and click ‘Call’. You can also enter the address into a contact in your PhoneGnome Phone Book and dial directly from your PhoneGnome connected handset (for box users) with a speed-dial code.

With the free service, calls are limited to 3-5 minutes.

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    [...] when a friend had to call their wife on Skype in Costa Rica recently, I had to let them use PhoneGnome and OpenSky on my iPhone to do so, because that was the only combination that worked on iPhone without wifi. [...]