iPhoneGnome PhoneGnome For iPhone

Today we’re launching iPhoneGnome, a new web 2.0 application for the iPhone that enables PhoneGnome calling from your iPhone. You can call other PhoneGnome numbers as well as anyone using SIP-based services, FWD, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, and any other numbers that you can call from your PhoneGnome account.
iPhoneGnome Screenshot

  • Use your iPhone to make calls on your home-phone or office-phone service through your PhoneGnome account
  • Make International calls at cheap PhoneGnome rates – or even free!
  • Check your PhoneGnome voicemail directly on your iPhone
  • Have all your PhoneGnome Contacts conveniently and automatically on your iPhone
  • Place calls to VOIP and IM users without hacking your iPhone

The iPhoneGnome application provides the familiar look & feel of the iPhone’s dialer, enabling users to quickly and easily make free and low-cost VOIP and international calls directly from their Apple iPhone.

How It Works

You simply point your mobile Safari browser to http://m.phonegnome.com/iphone and dial the number you want to call. Alternatively you can select a name in your PhoneGnome contacts and click on the number you want to call. Your iPhone will place a call that will automatically connect you to the desired international, VOIP user, or any number. No call back hassles. Simple, easy VOIP calling.

If you don’t have a PhoneGnome account yet, get one today – it’s free!

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